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Today’s topic is slightly different from our regular mode of discussion. We always focus on telling you what to do in order to maintain healthy and fresh skin. Today we would be helping you with some information, which you as an individual must not do in order to maintain healthy skin. Goods Skin Tips does not only involve involving a healthy routine, it involves an individual taking steps to avoid an unhealthy routine.

So here’s presenting for you Good Skin Tips – Which involves 7 Things we as individuals must not do:

Over Exfoliating:

Exfoliating as we know is a process in which we remove dead and dry skin. This is done to expose the young and fresh skin which lies beneath. While exfoliation is advised on a weekly basis depending on the skin, it definitely recommended not overdoing it. Overdoing the exfoliation process may see you land up with skin irritation and even blemishes in very extreme cases. While we absolutely recommend exfoliation Ladies as a part of a skin care routine but please let the process be controlled and regulated.

Unhygienic Living:

One of the most essential recommendations among the array of Good Skin Tips is to give up an unhygienic livelihood. We as individuals must eat foods which improve the body’s functioning and provide nutrition to the body. Things we as individuals must avoid eating are oily, fried and over greasy foods. Health experts World over have recommended people to eat food closest to its natural form. Fruits, Vegetables, Beans, Dry Fruits, Meat, Dairy Products and Seeds would give the body what it requires in terms of Vitamins and Minerals. Also a lot of individuals today have substituted regular water with aerated drinks and alcohol. White we don’t recommend you to completely give up on your taste and social life but consumption of water would only provide your body with unmatched internal nourishment.

Inadequate Rest:

“All work and no play makes a Jack a dull boy” yes we do need to work. However working alone and not getting rest is definitely a no no. Getting 6 to 7 hours healthy sleep is a key to maintain healthy living for an adult. While we sleep the body digests the food to produce energy. This is also the time when the brain relaxes and the flow of blood is regulated. If you are not getting enough rest, please stop being too harsh on yourself.

Don’t waste sleep time:

The sleep time is one, which most of us choose to neglect for skin improvement. Resorting to skincare before bed time can do unimaginable amounts of improvement to our skin. A simple application of a moisturizing cream or a night mask can work wonders for our appearance. While we sleep the skin pores open to breathe easy, resorting to a night skincare regime can ensure meaningful skin hydration from deep within the skin pores.

Showering too much:

While a hot water shower makes us feel fresh and clean but many of us don’t know a prolonged stay in the shower might cause more harm than any good. Extended stay in a hot water shower can rob your skin of hydration and essential oils produced by the body. This would lead to your skin appearing dry and even expose you to a risk of minor skin infections like itchiness and scratching. If left unattended the condition could also get severe (Eczema etc).

Don’t Scrub ACNE or Pop Pimples:

Many of us get so disheartened looking at ACNE or Pimples on our face. Excessive or over cleaning the ACNE affected area might have something completely different in store for you. There is every possibility that you end up with cuts and this may even cause the ACNE to intensify. Likewise Pimples I agree can be a terrible site but simply popping the pimples can cause the oily liquid inside the pimples to spread on the skin surface. Unfortunately the end result will see you landing up with even more pimples. Instead of a mean dosage of scrubbing we would recommend you to use a skin friendly skin cleanser preferably one with Salicylic Acid which is suited to treat ACNE and Pimples.

Don’t use an incorrect product:

Your friend may just have recommended you a great skincare product which had done wonders in transforming her looks. However it does not mean the same product may suit your skin. Example (If your friend has dry skin and is using a moisturizer with oil to provide the much needed nourishment to her skin, it might not be suited to your skin which is already oily in nature). It is recommended to use only natural and certified products, also please don’t hesitate to visit a dermatologist if you see your skin condition worsening.


Klairs Toner & Cotton Pad Kit


klairs supple preparation facial toner glam

This product kit comprises of the following products:

The Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner is based on a non-irritating formulation and is specifically formulated to hydrated dry skin. If you have tired skin, the use of the Supple Preparation Facial Toner can provide instant skin rejuvenation. The toner is also known to calm skin spots and optimize the skins pH balance to facilitate better absorption within the skin. Finally this kit comes along with a 2 in 1 Cotton Pad which is essentially suited to optimize the use of the Facial Toner. What makes the cotton pads special is its dual functionality. One of the being the 5x cotton effect and secondly a hydration filled sponge pad. It is the combined feature of this product coupled with the Facial Toner which ensures optimized effectiveness upon usage.


So Ladies we hope the above Good Skin Tips help you understand your skin requirements better.



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