Easy Christmas Gift Ideas For Men


The men in your life can be pretty difficult to shop for when it comes to finding a great Christmas gift ideas for men. Sometimes, I have to keep a list of ideas from the whole year just to be able to buy a few really great, useful gifts for the men I’m shopping for!

This post is hopefully going to make your gift giving a little easier this holiday season. I’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for men that are useful and unique so hopefully you can find the perfect gift for the men in your life.

1. Give the Gift of Grooming

Every guy has to do a little upkeep on his appearance, even if he tries to act like he doesn’t. Gifting him with a quality set of razors or a new electric shaver (if he cuts his own hair!) is something that’s thoughtful and will also be very useful for years to come.

If he doesn’t fuss with cutting his own hair or shaving his own face, give him a gift card to his favorite salon or barbershop. You might not think that’s personal or thoughtful, but trust me. He will love it. Most guys love simple gifts!

Another good grooming gift is the Pore Master Kit. Many men tend to think that taking care of your skin is something that only females do, so giving him a unisex, simple skincare routine that goes beyond soap and water can be a great present that he didn’t even know he needed!

The kit contains the CosRx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner, Skinmiso Pore Corset Serum and Skinmiso Pore Zero Night Cream. Each of these products will help clear up clogged pores and acne while lightly hydrating without feeling greasy or heavy.

Easy Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

Easy Christmas Gift Ideas For Men Easy Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

This is a gift that keeps on giving, so he’ll be thankful for months afterward!


2. Give the Gift of Gadgets

Guys love gadgets. They might love different kinds of toys, but they all like things that make different aspects of life easier, simpler or “cooler.” That being said, if you can figure out one or two things a man is interested in, you can probably find him a cool accessory or gadget to compliment his interest or hobby.

For example, if he always has to have the latest smartphone, why not find him something unique to go with it? Wireless headphones, a custom wooden case or a case with a sliding keyboard are all presents that show you know what he likes.

If he’s into art or design, you can splurge and get him a drawing tablet that connects to his computer. They come in a range of styles, functions and prices, so there is something for just about everyone. The tablets can be used for writing, drawing or coloring, so he will definitely get a lot of use out of a gift like that. Most drawing tablets can even be set up to use in place of a regular computer mouse, which adds another layer of “cool” to your present.

3. Give the Gift of Grub

Yes, give him food! Why not? Food is a pretty universal love for basically any guy. They may not all like the same foods, but surely you can think of a few of his favorites!

If you’re not a great cook or if he likes something that’s difficult to make, like sushi or jerky, you can always find him a gift card to his favorite shop or even get him a subscription box for his favorite food.

Subscription boxes can be the perfect present for men who love craft beers, aged liquors, cigars and even cheeses! All you need to do is answer a few quick questions about his preferences and the site will curate a box of tried-and-true favorites or new things he’s sure to love, depending on your answers.

If he’s a foodie, you can even get him a trial subscription to meal planning services like Plated or Blue Apron. Just be sure to check the availability for your area before you sign him up for one of these subscriptions! You can choose a variety of meal styles and he can update the subscription with his likes and dislikes after his first order.

Men don’t have to be hard to buy for! All you need this Christmas season is a little bit of creativity and a good idea of what he likes and you’re sure to pick the perfect gift. We hope these gift ideas for men have been helpful to you this holiday season!

Easy Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

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