Galaxy Nails Tutorial

How to make Galaxy Nails

Let’s Change the Black nails to Galaxy Nails 

Galaxy Nails Art

If you’re a girl, and love nail arts, I’m sure you do it because changing your nails refreshes ourselves. Let’s try something a bit different today! We can draw cute cartoon characters, we can apply some patterns on our nails. But for today, how about doing your nails as free as you could. Suppose that you’re doing a graffiti art work on your nails really randomly. Trust me, it’s fun and going to blow your stress off.

1. You can gather some of the colors that you want to mix. I’m using 6 different colors and prepared a q-tip and a sponge.
2. Paint your basic background color. I chose black and applied one coat.
3. From this step, it’s all about randomness. Just pull out your artistic vibe as much as you can. With a sponge, I’m smearing matte-berry color randomly.
4. Look how random I painted?
5. Keep repeating the same process with different colors. I coordinated a cream sky blue around the matte-berry polish.
6. I added matte-navy stamping around the empty spots.
7. With a half of q-tip, dip the stick part to the white polish, and dot small dots randomly.
8. With the cotton end, I’m swiping yellowy polish on the nails.

Now you’ve had a beautiful Galaxy Nails! Share, like, and comment if you like this kind of experimental tutorials! :D

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