French Nails | Deep & Chic French Nails Tutorial

French Nails | Deep & Chic French Nails Tutorial

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Whats your favorite French nails look? Classic manicure? vibrant colorful french tips? or do you like more of a deep look? Well I will have you know that I am a big fan of navy blue and nudes in combination. So Tessa and I wanted to create a French nails look that featured some of our favorite nude colors and navy colors.

French nails are a classic when it comes to nail art. It is the most common nail look second to a regular manicure with 1 color. French nails are also commonly selected for formal events such as weddings, graduations, prom and other special occasions. There is always something sophisticated and chic about a good french nails manicure, but lets up our game and make a regular french nails manicure a little more edgy and chic by using Nudes and Navy Blues!

You Will Need

MisQs Kaya Nail Polish in Scarlet #SR001
MisQs Kaya Nail Polish in Beige #BG001
MisQs Kaya Nail Polish in Navy #NV001
Beige Nail Polish in Midnight in Paris #703

French Nails | Deep & Chic French Nails Tutorial


Step 1: Apply any base coat to your fresh clean nails. You can use MisQs Nail Polish Base or your favorite base. After neatly applying you base coat, wait until it is 100% dry before moving forward.

Step 2:  Once dry, grab your 2 nude colors Scarlet #SR001 & Beige #BG001 and apply them to randomly chosen nails EXCLUDING your ring fingers. We want to leave the ring fingers plain for this look. We applied Beige #BG001 to the thumb and middle finger. Then applied Scarlet #SR001 to the index finger and pinky. Let the colors dry 100% before moving forward.

French Nails | Deep & Chic French Nails Tutorial

Step 3:  Now that the nails are dry, we will use Navy #NV001 to create triangular french nails. Starting from the top outer third of your nail, place and drag the polish toward the top middle of your nail. You should have a diagonal line on one side of the nail. Now, do the same thing to the other side of your nail and you will now have triangular french nails! Repeat this step for every nail EXCLUDING the ring finger. Then clean up the sides with a cotton bud or liner brush dipped in nail polish remover. It is best to clean the sides of your nails before the polish mistakes dry. This makes cleanup much easier. Let is dry 100% before moving on.

French Nails | Deep & Chic French Nails Tutorial

Step 4: Once dry, apply a second coat of the navy blue if needed then let it dry 100% before moving on.

Step 5: Take the color Midnight in Paris #703 which is a deep glitter navy color and apply it in a reversed triangle to the tip of our ring finger which we have left plain till now. Apply it started 1/3 down the middle of your ring finger, then pull the color in a diagonal line up to the outer side of your nail. We are doing this nail differently from the rest because it will be our trendy accent nail ;)

French Nails | Deep & Chic French Nails Tutorial

Step 6: Let the polish dry 100% before moving on. Once the nail polish is completely dry, finish off with 1 layer of any top coat of your choice. Or try MisQs Top Coat.


You now have lovely Chic Deep French Nails that are trendy and different from your usual French nails. I hope you enjoyed this lovely nude nail look as I did and remember to subscribe to WishtrendTV to see more nail tutorials.
Please leave a comment bellow if you have a request for a certain look.


French Nails | Deep & Chic French Nails Tutorial

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