The best Facial Cleansing Brush-You need Tosowoong!

Most Koreans are well known for their flawless skin.

And we always wonder what must we do in order to achieve that clean and porcelain skin type? A proper basic skincare routine usually involves cleansing, toning, serum and moisturizer in that order. Do you KNOW that deep cleansing is actually the most importance step in your skincare regime?? With so many products these days, cleansing is not just about soap and water anymore. Famous Korean actress Suzy Bae has shared her beauty secrets with her fans recently and not by surprise, it’s all about cleansing one’s face.


She talks about the ‘424’ technique, where you must clean your face with an oil (coconut, almond or any cleansing oil) for 4 minutes , follow it with a foaming cleanser for 2 minutes & then rinsing your face for 4 minutes, start with lukewarm water ending with cold water to close all opened pores. And even if you follow the Holy Grail faithfully, there is a high chance that impurities will not be 100% removed! Argh…..

However, South Korean cosmetics and skin care market has been showing strong growth and has been innovative thanks to its ability to respond quickly to consumer needs. And that includes producing facial cleansing brushes to cater for the need of thorough cleansing. Not to disappoint, Tosowoong has released its brand version of clean pore brush.



While US brand Clarisonic swears by sonic technology to ‘vibrate’ dirts out of our pore, Tosowoong’s facial cleansing brush uses manual technology which promises similar effects too!


With 31000 refined anti-bacterial synthetic bristles compact, it helps to remove the dirt of your skin completely while still gentle enough for everyday use. The bristle is 0.045mm in size, which allows a deeper and more effective cleanse.

Tosowoong facial cleansing brush removes oil, dirt, and dead skin better than your hands can, and it’s less aggressive than most exfoliating cleansers or scrubs.


There is no one hard and fast rule which you have to follow. And there is no fixed number of times which you have to cleanse your face. The rule is to use common sense. Make sure you cleanse after exercising and it’s wise to increase frequency if you really have oily skin type. Do take note that too much exfoliation can cause inflammation.

** Please remember to keep the brush bacteria-free, rinse and air-dry after use. Trust me, it’s worth the effort! Wink



The brush cost USD25 and it’s available at Wishtrend

Till another time, Apper Laughing


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  • Amber

    I would really like to try this product.
    I have very troubled skin.