Important Face Wash Tips You Need to Know

Important Face Wash Tips You Need to Know

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It’s Bronwyn here today to share with you all some interesting and important face wash tips and facts that everyone should know when choosing the right face wash. Choosing the right face wash is much more important then you may think and there are many things to consider when making your decision, especially for those like me with sensitive skin concerns.

Stay Clear of Surfactants

Surfactants should be something you have already heard of if you are someone who has shopped often in the hair care section of your local drug store. The term “Surfactant Free” can now be found on multiple shampoos on the shelves these days. Surfactants are used in shampoos and face washes as a “foaming” agent to help products lather nicely and create bubbles. However these surfactants can be drying and and damaging to both the hair and the skin.

Going surfactant free in your face wash is very important if your looking to maintain healthy glowing skin. We recommend using gentle face wash such as the Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser which uses natural hypoallergenic Aminos instead of synthetic surfactants to help cleanse the skin gently.

Low pH is Key

Always make sure you use a cleansing foam face wash that is low in pH. The pH of your cleansing foam should be close to that of our skins natural pH level, as to not strip our skins natural moisture barrier. Using face wash that is too high in pH or too low in pH can disrupt our skins natural pH level which can cause the skin to either become too oily or way too dry.

Pick Eco-Friendly

In our day and age, many foam cleansers contain ingredients that can be harmful to the environment, an example would be cleansers that contain aspects such as “Micro beads” which have been proven to cause serious damage to our oceans.

Choosing eco-friendly face wash not only is beneficial to our environment, but also beneficial to our skin as we avoid using harsh synthetic chemicals. We recommend the Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser as a great eco-friendly face wash that uses friendly and gentle ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera & Houttuynia Cordata extracts to cleanse and sooth the skin naturally.

Face Wash Tips

We love the Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser, but there are some tips you should know for using it correctly and effectively!

Klairs rich moist foam cleanser

  1. To remove makeup, cleanse twice instead of once
  2. Can use it as your second cleanse after using an oil cleanser
  3. Can be used both morning and night for cleansing
  4. Can be used to exfoliate the skin for those with hyper sensitive skin. Apply on clean dry skin and massage, then rinse.
  5. Mix 3:3 ratio cleansing oil & foam cleanser, mix and use as a shaving foam

Where to Buy

You can get your own Klairs Rich Moist Foam Cleanser here! Or for a limited time only you can enjoy this special bulk discount event! Click here to learn more.

Important Face Wash Tips You Need to Know

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