When it comes to treating acne, it always is a common misconception to believe you need to dry out the acne in order to get rid of it. However drying out acne can lead to more harm than good, in most cases it ends up resulting in more acne break outs! If you’re looking to aid your process in the cure for acne, then you can best believe it’s important to care for the skin with special calming and soothing treatments such as the use of sheet masks!

Using a face mask for acne

Acne is always tricky, but the best thing I ever did to help manage my acne prone skin was among other things, incorporating a face mask for acne into my weekly routine. When it comes to managing acne prone skin, it’s always good to treat your skins underlying condition first. Most of the time, acne can be a side effect of an underlying skin condition such as dryness, skin dehydration and even sensitive skin. Not only that, even skin that appears to be oily can at the same time be dehydrated. Identifying your skins condition and treating it with the right care can make a big improvement on or even cure your acne!

What is comes down to?

When the skin has an underlying condition such as sensitivities, dehydration, dry skin or any other, the skins barrier’s become weak. This allows for acne causing bacteria to have a much easier time getting into the skin, resulting in acne. Using a face mask for acne or a face mask that focuses on calming, repairing and hydrating the skin is the best way to combat acne while keeping your skin in a healthy state, without having to commit to an entirely new skin care routine.

Our Favorites

When it comes to looking for a face mask for acne to include in your weekly routine, it’s always best to stick with gentle, calming and repairing masks. My favorites for helping my acne have always been gentle hydrating sheet masks as well as masks that I can leave on my skin over night while I sleep. These two types of masks have been fool proof with my sensitive acne prone skin throughout the years.

1. Keeping it simple with hydration

When looking to keeping the skin full of protective moisture, I always enjoyed reaching for the Klairs rich moist soothing sheet mask. This mask is designed to calm and sooth irritated skin while keeping it light weight and fresh with hydration. If your acne is red and inflamed while feeling tight, try reaching for this calming sheet mask.

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2. Repairing is caring

Acne not only is very damaging to our skin but it also can develop due to the skin already being in a damage state. Oily skin types can also be dry yet appear oily at the same time. The skin over produces oil in an attempt to replenish the lack of moisture within it. Damaged skin is never a good thing when it comes to treating and preventing acne which is why it’s important to use a light weight skin repairing mask such as the Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask. This mask can be washed-off or left on over night in extreme damaged skin cases to repair the skins moisture barrier to fight off acne.

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3. Keep it Classic with Clay

Of course, the classic clay mask is always a go-to for those with acne and oily skin. However that doesn’t always mean it’s the right choice. Before diving into a clay mask, make sure it also is somewhat hydrating at the same time. Aside from hydrating, also be sure to know your skins true underlying condition aside from acne is also excessive oil production and clogged pores. If your underlying skin condition isn’t actually oil, then a clay mask might do more harm then good. Otherwise this mildly hydrating and oil controlling natural volcanic clay mask works to calm the skin while absorbing excess oils and dirt from the pores! Just be sure to moisturize after using it to maintain your skins barrier.

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Have you already included masks in your acne treatment routine? If not, I hope this article could be a short and helpful guide on your journey for clearer skin!

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