Hi loves! It’s Bronwyn from BiiBiiBeauty here today to share with you one of the latest beauty trends that is sweeping the world by storm! This new eyebrow tinting trend has been all the rage in South Korea and Australia while making it’s way into the beauty scene of Norther American and the UK!

What is Eyebrow Tinting?

If you love to stay in touch with all the beauty trends and especially those of eyebrows, then you may be familiar with eyebrow microbladding or tattooing, but not everyone has the guts or wants to commit to the process and staying power of eyebrow tattoos. That is where the new trend of eyebrow tinting has come in!

Eyebrow tinting is the process of a temporary tattoo or powerful stain on the skin and brow hairs. This process give a temporary yet long lasting shape to your natural brows while also coloring the hairs ever so slightly to match your hair color a bit better. The results of eyebrow tinting when done at a salon can last up to two weeks depending on your skin and after care. While eyebrow tinting done at home generally last a few days to 1 week.

The process is painless and the results are wonderful if you have a vacation planned and want to always have your eyebrows on fleek without having to fuss over them daily, or it you lead a busy lifestyle and want to limit your makeup routine in the mornings but still have your brows on point.

Where & How to Do it?

Of course, you can find a salon near you that offers the service of eyebrow tinting. If a salon does eyebrow tinting, then they most likely also offer eyelash tinting as well! This treatment colors and curls the lashes for semi permanent results similar to eyebrow tinting. The cost of these treatments varies depending on the clinic you go to and your country.

Don’t want to find a salon? Korean beauty brands have offered at home eyebrow tinting solutions for a few years now! You will also start seeing major global brands such as Maybelline New York also offering at home eyebrow tinting products.

Simply grab your eyebrow tinting product of choice, (I recommend the one bellow) apply the gel like formula carefully in the desired shape over top of your brow hairs while pressing firmly on the skin. Clear up the edges with a cotton bud and leave the formula on the brows for the product required processing time. Once the time  is up, gently peel away the dried gel to reveal your freshly eyebrow tinting!

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Eyebrow tinting at home or in a salon is a wonderful way to maintain on fleek brows on the regular and is one beauty trend I have been loving! Have you tried out this new beauty trend yet?

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