Eyebrow Shapes

Eyebrow Shapes

Hey guys!
Today I will be sharing tips on different eye brow shapes and how to create these shapes. I wrote an article on a Korean style tutorial for beginners to trim eyebrows on. ​If you haven’t seen this article yet please check it out.

There are eyebrow shapes that fits each type of face shapes. But if one person draws different shape of eyebrows then they can portray different kind of mood and feeling such as sophisticated or even look a little bit younger. I wanted to show your different ways that you can portray yourself by drawing different kinds of eyebrow shapes.

Straight eyebrows without arch

Eyebrow Shapes

This will look great to give you a masculine look and also it can make you look young and fresh. Goo Hara, Hoonha, Lee Minjung who have narrow and long faces did this eyebrow shape because it made them look younger.

How to: Make sure overall it draw it naturally, make sure it’s not too thick or too thin. Draw from the front to the end of your eyebrows. Make sure that you draw it straight line.

Short straight eyebrows with arch

Eyebrow Shapes

This eyebrow shape is loved by many Korean idols because this also makes you look younger. You can easily think about it as Taeyun and IU’s eyebrows. Draw eyebrows in straight line with a little bit of an arch and you can look younger.

How to : Draw similar to the previous eyebrow shape that I talked about but a little bit shorter and draw a little bit of an arch.

Arched eyebrows

Eyebrow Shapes

It will make you look really elegant and feminine. This looks really good on people with wide forehead. Kim Minhee and Kim NamJu had this as their signature look since their debut.

How to : Put a dot on the front of your eyebrows and another dot on the middle of your arch and last dot on the end of your eyebrows. Make sure you connect these dots with lines and shade in your eyebrows naturally.

Arrow shaped eyebrows

Eyebrow Shapes

If you want to look more sophisticated you can try this look for it’s kind of tricky. Go so young does this very well and if you do it well also I believe it can kind of give you a signature look.

How to: From the front part of your eyebrows, draw upward like a slanted arrow. If you want to make it more sophisticated, get an eyebrow pencil and shape the arch a little bit more.

It is said that 80% of a person’s image is on their eyebrows. So it is very important to find an eyebrow shape that fits you. It might be hard at first but if you keep drawing it then you may find what fits you the best. An extra tip I wanted to give you is, after drawing your eyebrows if you get a beige tone eye shadow and draw it from your eyebrows to the side of your nose nightly, then it will help to make your face look more popped out so overall your face looks smaller!

Products for Natural Brows

Eye Shadow No.222 : Sage Brown
Suitable for those with dark brown hair with red undertones

Eyeshadow Quade # Shake Shack
Suitable for those with light brown to dark blonde hair

If you have any type of brownish hair, then you can use this eye shadow to draw your eyebrows very naturally. Of course originally it’s an eye shadow so you can use it as an eye shadow or to draw your eyebrows also.

So guys! I really hope that my tips and tutorial helped you guys to shape your eyebrows so that it will match your face shape! And don’t forget to check out a video I did on this so that it’ll be easier for you to understand!


Eyebrow Shapes


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