Elishacoy 3D Spin Cleaner Review

Elishacoy 3D Spin Cleaner

The new era of cleansing
Pore care and gloss with 360˚ spinning brush

ELISHACOY 3D Spin Cleaner Body

Hi everyone, I reckon all of you have heard of the Clarisonic Brushes?

ELISHACOY 3D Spin Cleaner VS Clarisonic BrushThe brushes are available online and in Singapore Sephora stores. It will cost an average S$200 depending on the model  you get.  Clarisonic makes use of Sonic cleansing which is a gentle way of brushing your skin to remove the dirt and oil while cleansing. This will help to clean, smooth and soften your skin all at the same time.

And now have you heard of the Elishacoy 3D Spin Cleaner?  A 360 in & out facial cleanser that produces abundant foams that cleans pores completely. It also removes unnecessary keratin so as to maintain a bright and clean skin tone. The brush is anti-bacterial approved and is round tip so as to prevent harsh contact with our skin. You can consider getting the blackhead brush and the Elishacoy cleanser. I will definitely buy the blackhead brush along with the normal brush on my next purchase!

ELISHACOY 3D Spin Cleaner brushes

How to use:

  1. Simply press the top button once to operate.
  2. A green light indicates low speed while red light indicates a slightly faster speed.
  3. The 2nd button allows rotation of the brush from clockwise to anti-clockwise. This method allows cleansing to the fine and curved area of skin without any damage.
  4. Should you need to detach the brush for cleaning, a slight twist will do the job.

ELISHACOY 3D Spin Cleaner_Button

My Verdict after using the Elishacoy 3D Spin Cleaner
for more than 14 days:

A bit expensive to replace the brushes. But I believe with careful usage and maintenance, you will be able to use each brush on a much longer basis. :)

1)      Like most girls, I like the color and size of the 3D cleanser. It fits comfortably into my hand.
2)      After a hard day at work, I enjoy the mini massage on my face. Kind of relaxing!
3)      My pores have tightened  and there are less breakouts.
4)      My skin is cleaner and smoother as what Elishacoy has promised! And I find my skincare absorbs much better after using the cleanser.
5)      For this review, I have used my own facial foam. So I like the fact that I can stick to my own facial product without having to change to a particular one.

Overall I think the Elishacoy 3D cleaner is a value for money ‘gadget’ (cheaper than Clarisonic) that does maintenance works  on my skin.  I will continue to use this as long as I can. But having said that, I believe eating healthily and drinking lots of water plays a big part in maintaining a good skin tone too!

Stay beautiful people <3

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