All about Cosmetic Expiration Date and 8 Uses for Expired Cosmetics

All about Cosmetic Expiration Date and 8 Uses for Expired Cosmetics

My Wishtrend friends, you are not gonna use makeup that has been expired like Eunice right?
I know that at times when you are going through all your makeup,
you think what a waste! it’s hard to throw away all the makeup that has expired. So Let me show you how you can check your cosmetic expiration date.

If you use makeup that’s expired and has gone bad, then it can cause skin trouble such as hives, redness, swelling and acne pimples.
So I’ve decided to make this video for those of you who are not aware of cosmetic expiration dates for your makeup.
AND I have some smart tips on how you can recycle your makeup that has expired!

Cosmetic Expiration Date

Every expiration date differs from before opening your product and after.​
-Expiration Date: The period from the manufactured date to the last day the product can be distributed.
-The period you can use the product after opening it (12M/6M) *M=months*.

Let me show you guys an easy graph you can get ous to explain all of this.

All about Cosmetic Expiration Date and 8 Uses for Expired Cosmetics

Even if there is a period left that you can use it, you cant use it if it has expired.​ When you open a product, it’s the same as opening processed food, so when it meets with the air, it becomes oxidized and the ingredients of the product become less effective.
Cream or other products with lids can easily go bad or be contaminated
because our body germs and temperature greatly influence the balance of the products after we place our fingers in it.
If you use a product that has gone bad, then it may form parasites and filamentous fungi or make you break out and lead you to pigmentation and other problems for your skin. This is not just for skin care products but also for all of your makeup like lipstick, eye shadows, eyeliners, and so on.
Makeup that has gone bad and that has been contaminated, will eventually start to change in color and consistency. Colors may have changed from what it used to be and also can cause break outs.

Expiration Date’s for Different Products

Cleansing products:
Usually about 36 months (3 years) total expiration date and
after opening it, about 12 months of total expiration date.

Toner and Lotion:
Usually about 3 years (36 months) before opening the product and
after opening, it’s good to use it within 1 year (12 months).

It’s important to use it within 6 months (1/2 a year).

Foundation and Makeup Base:
Before opening it, about 3 years and after 1 year opening. The expiration date for Pressed powder is surprisingly pretty long. It’s 5 years before opening it and 3 years after opening it.

Eyeliner, Mascara, Lip and other products:
The moisture vaporizes pretty fast, so it is recommended to use it within 1 year.

Eye shadow:
Before opening it, about 3 years and after opening, it should be used be used within 1 year.

Every product you use on your face may accidentally go into your eyes, so for safety reasons it’s important that you check the dates!

If you don’t see the expiration date on a product, then usually it will be similar to these periods that I gave you above.
However, each product has different ingredients and is manufactured differently, so expiration dates can vary. PLEASE check the dates before you use or opening any products!

Decoding Expiration Date’s

MFE, MFG, M                 = The date that it was manufactured
EXP, E                             = The expiration date
BB, BBE, BE                   = The period of time suggested to use within
6M, 12M, 3M, 24M      = The product life span after you open it
                                              6M is within 6 months and
                                              12M is within 12 months

Korean Expiration Date’s

If you are a wishtrend tv subscriber, I’m sure you have purchased a lot of the products on and it’s in Korean right. Well let me help you understand your Korean Expiration Date.

​’사용기간180304′ means that the expiration date is March 4th of 2018.
‘2016.04.06.까지’ means it’s up to April 6th of 2016 and you can use it up to this date.
‘2014.04.09.제조’ means it was made on April 9th of 2014.

All about Cosmetic Expiration Date and 8 Uses for Expired Cosmetics

So we all know now how important the expiration dates are right? After opening a product, it’s really smart  if you write down the date on the product label that you started using the product and the date you can use it by with a pen!
Here’s another tip I show a lot in videos. As many of you guys probably know already, it’s good to use a spatula rather than your hands to extract product so that you can keep your makeup and skincare from becoming contaminated with bacteria. This will make your products last much longer. But make sure to keep your spatula clean!

How to Use Expired Cosmetics

There are multiple ways your can still get use out of your expired cosmetics without risking your skins safety or condition.

1st Cleansing Oil
Add some sugar to the cleansing oil and you can use it as a body scrub! Cleansing oil is also great to use to wipe wooden furniture so you can make it glossy.

2nd Toner and Lotion
For toners that have become expired, it‘s great to use them to wipe the floors. If you put lotion on dry cloth and wipe it, it‘s great for coating. If you wipe your sofa or other furniture with it, you can get the dirt off easily and also make it glossy. If you add sugar to the lotion, you can also use it as a body scrub.

3rd Nourishment Cream and Moisturizing Cream
Both creams have a lot of protein in it so it’s good to use it as a hair mask. Put it on the ends of your hair and wrap it in a towel or plastic wrap for about 20 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. You can use your moisturizing cream also as a leather cleaner. You can also put the cream on a dry cloth and then wipe the edge of handbags or wallets to get the dirt off of the leather.

4th With Eyeshadow and Clear Manicure you can create a Pearl Manicure.
Eye shadows break really easily and usually it’s hard to use up everything before the exiration date is over. So a great tip is to use eye shadow that has been broken or expired and mix it with clear nail polish. All you have to do is crush the eye shadow and put it in the nail polish and shake.

5th Lipstick
Lipstick is a great cleanser. If you have any rusty silver or accessories, put lipstick on a cloth and then wipe the silver and you will be able to get rid of the rustiness and make it shine. If you have a matte lipstick, then use a brush to put a layer on your finger nails and then put another coating of clear manicure on and BAM! You have a easy manicure done.

6th Shampoo and Conditioner/Treatment
It’s good to use shampoo to clean. Use shampoo to wash old stockings or under garments to get rid of the dirt easily. Treatment and conditioners can be used to get rid stickiness. Put treatment or conditioners on a cloth and then wipe electronics. Doing so will make it glossy and dust will not stick easily. It’s also great to wipe bathroom mirrors.

7th Perfume
If you put a few drops of perfume with toner then you can use it as a shower mist. If you add Ethanol and perfume to the ratio of 7:3 and then stick wooden chopsticks in it then you can make a air freshener diffuser!

8th Sunscreen
Sunscreen is great to erase gum marks, sticker marks, tape marks and other sticky marks. Put sunscreen on a cloth and then wipe the marks and it will be removed easily. It will get rid of those marks that was hard to get rid of even with other tools.

If you haven’t checked your makeup for the expiration date, Do it right now! And if it has expired don’t feel like it’s a waste just recycle them with the tips that I gave you today! If you have any other tips also please let me know! I’m very curious and I hate throwing anything away so it’ll be really useful for me too and it’s always good to share great tips with other so you know!


All about Cosmetic Expiration Date and 8 Uses for Expired Cosmetics


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I'm not a doctor or an expert! But I really have used these products and wanted to share some of the awesome products and tips that I love and have actually worked for me! Thanks for reading^.~ and God Bless You!