When it comes to the treatment of dry skin, many often look to different types of oils and kinds of butter from nature to provide their skin with the right care it needs. The most commonly known dry skin choices can be shea butter and coconut oil, however, there is another butter from nature that is just as effective at treating dry skin while smelling amazing and providing some killer benefits to the skin, aside from improving dryness. That ingredient is cocoa butter!

Cocoa Butter Benefits for the Skin

Cocoa Butter is an excellent skincare ingredient to have in your routine if you are looking for a natural and gentle way to strengthen and heal the skin while being gentle on the skin. Cocoa Butter is wonderful for providing the skin with deep nutrition, helping to restore the skins natural moisture barrier. Not only that, it also creates a barrier of its own, protecting the skin from moisture loss throughout the day thanks to its wonderful emollient properties. Thanks to its rich properties, cocoa butter has also been known to aid in restoring firmness, elasticity and assist in the fading of stretch marks on the skin. Along with skin restoration, this powerhouse butter also contains anti-inflammatory benefits! Helping to reduce inflammation in the skin which can be due to skin irritation, reactions, and even acne flare-ups. In some cases, cocoa butter has also been known to provide a small amount of UV protection on the skin as well as some antioxidant benefits and rich fatty acids! However, on that note, due to the richness of cocoa butter, it can in some cases be comedogenic when used in excess. So if you are prone to pore clogging, be sure to check and make sure the products you choose only contain a moderate amount of this heavenly butter.

How to Use Cocoa Butter

If you have dry skin that experience irritation and inflammation, then you certainly should consider looking for skincare items that contain this skin healing ingredient. Cocoa butter not only can be found in skincare creams, but it can also be found in some natural based facial cleansers. If you are looking for a gentle way to incorporate cocoa butter into your skincare routine, then starting with a cleanser is a great option!

TRY: Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Charcoal Soap (a gentle natural deep pore cleansing face wash)

If you know your skin is extremely dry and needs more than just a cream, then there is good news! Cocoa butter can easily be purchased at health food stores in bulk, making it a great natural face mask when your skin is in need of some serious TLC. If you are planning to buy in bulk, be sure to look for natural organic cocoa butter to ensure it’s in it’s cleanest form for facial application. Not only can you then use it on your skin, but you can also cook with cocoa butter, as the rich fatty acids are excellent to encourage healthy skin, hair and nail growth. It also can assist in joint pain and stomach health when used in cooking.

If you haven’t used cocoa butter in your life and have only been using coconut oil or shea butter, then expand your routine and try something new, it might just be exactly what your skin and body needs!

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