Christmas Gifts for Dad you Need to Know


Dads can sometimes be the most difficult people to buy Christmas gifts for. Usually, they will just say they are happy to see you or that they don’t need anything for Christmas, which isn’t very helpful when you’re looking for gift ideas!

If you’re struggling with figuring out the best gifts for dad this Christmas, check out the list below for some unique ideas.

The Sentimental Dad

If your dad is the kind of person who places a lot of value in family time or making memories, there are a few things you can give him that are sure to make him smile.

If he loves pulling out photo albums on every occasion, consider getting him a digital photo frame. These frames can be purchased in a variety of sizes and are very easy to set up. You can pre-load the frame with some of his favorite pictures, or you can surprise him with it and let him decide what photos to load onto it. Once the pictures are loaded, the frame can be placed anywhere and set to scroll through the entire selection.

Another great gift would be a personalized watch or money clip. These gifts will be used regularly, so adding a special message from you will be a constant reminder of how much you care about him.

The Active Dad

Some dads are very into sports, health and fitness. If that sounds like your dad, you have a lot of options for fun, useful gifts.

If he is into a certain sport like golf or tennis, you can get him a set of personalized or monogrammed equipment to take out with him, or you can even look into purchasing some time with a coach or trainer to help him improve his game.

Dads that enjoy being active may benefit from a wearable activity tracker like a FitBit. Devices like these can help your dad set and reach his fitness goals, and many of them will even sync up to a smartphone for easier tracking. Making an investment in your dad’s health is a great way to show him how much you love him.

The Food Connoisseur Dad

Dads who really enjoy a gourmet meal can be some of the easiest people to buy for as long as you know their favorite things.

If your dad is a fan of fine wines or craft beers, why not get him a yearly mail subscription? There are plenty of companies that offer monthly or bi-monthly selections of craft beers and wines. Most require you to fill out a profile for personalized recommendations and will curate a box for you.

For dads that prefer to make their own meals, you could upgrade his tools. If he’s using old pots, pans or cutlery, he might appreciate a new set of restaurant-quality cookware or even a new, specialized knife for carving up his meat and veggies.

The Tech Savvy Dad

If your dad always has a smartphone, computer or tablet within his reach, he’s probably the kind of guy who can appreciate all kinds of gadgets and electronics. He may think he has everything he could possibly want, but there are still a few cool add-ons and other gifts that he may not have realized he needed in his life!

For dads that never go anywhere without their tablets or phones, there are a couple of accessories that he should always have on hand. The first is a tough screen protector to prevent accidental cracks and expensive accidents. You can purchase a Gorilla Glass screen protector that goes over the screen as an ultra-fine film and looks nearly invisible, yet it can withstand scratching from things as rough as knives and keys. It can also help cut down on how often he has to clean oily fingerprints off of his screen.

Another handy accessory is a keyboard stand. These look like device covers and come in a variety of materials and colors, but they all allow tablets and even some smartphones to be used as a mini computer. The device rests on one side of the stand while the other side has a built-in wireless keyboard to make working or texting easier.

If you’re having a hard time shopping for your dad this Christmas, remember that the perfect gifts for dads usually just require a little bit of creative thinking!



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