Skin care 101: How to get rid of whiteheads?


Question: What are whiteheads? Answer: Whiteheads are pores that have become sealed or mildly infected due to dirt and bacteria that has clogged the pores. Whiteheads appear on the skin as small white bumps or very small puss filled lumps with a small amount of redness around them. Whiteheads are not painful and do not give the… 

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Vitamin C for skin : Make your sensitive skin healthy within 1 month

korean glowing skin transformation

Hello It’s me, Eunice! Today’s tip will be especially for those of you who have sensitive skin like me and are always worried about trying other skin care products because it usually makes you break out, this will be an amazing tip for you guys. For those of you with sensitive skin, of course it’s important to… 

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