WINTER SKIN CARE TIPS : The Skin Benefits of Honey

The Skin Benefits of Honey_Glam

Do you know about lots of skin benefits of honey ? To enliven your powerless & dry skin in Winter, concentrated skin care is essential. Honey is the ultimate ingredients for skin nourishment and moisturizing and there are a lot of skin care products including honey extract to purify, nourish and soothe the skin.  Full of mineral,… 

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How to Get Clear Skin with Honey

How to Get Clear Skin with Honey_Glam

Why Honey? (꿀) SoOo you guys heard of “Gulpeebu“(꿀피부:Dewy & Flawless Skin) right? Gul means honey and peebu means skin in English~ so it’s “Honey Skin!” It means flawless and dewy glowing skin even if you don’t have any make on^.~ Theres more! Skin that looks really moistured and great is also called “Gulgwang”(꿀광:Dewy Glow)… 

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Is Hyaluronic acid serum good for your skin?

hualuronic acid serum

Hyaluronic acid serum ? -What exactly is this? Hyaluronic acid is a natural glycosaminoglycan (polysaccharides that are an important component of connective tissue) and can be derived from multiple resources, foods, supplements and HA powders. HA is distributed widely throughout connective, neural, and epithelial tissue. It is of the chief components of the extra-cellular matrix… 

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