Myths and Truths About Cleansing Oil & Oil Cleansing


Oil cleansers are the injudiciously shunned players of a strong skincare routine. While the oil cleansing method might sound like the end of the world to some, there are many other great skincare offenses that should be taken care of before placing oil cleansers on the back burner. Still, many are plagued by a fear… 

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5 Smart Using Tips You Need to Know for Korean Face Mask

Cover_Sheet Mask PR

While their overseas debut was fairly recent, sheet masking has become a global beauty trend that has made its way to be featured from worldwide icons like Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez. It’s simple and easy – the two of the most alluring things about this skincare innovation – allowing beautiful skin in just 20… 

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All About Exfoliation: How to Exfoliate Face for Different Skin Types


Scrub & Rub. If these two words are all you can recall when you think of exfoliation, you are in urgent need of a whole new lesson on exfoliation. We hear about exfoliation so many times and we know that it is an important skin care habit to keep in mind but are you really… 

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The Best Vitamin Cream that will Supplement Vitamin Benefits


By Wishtrend, for you. Following their widely popular C21.5 line, Seoul-based skincare brand By Wishtrend has released their latest product: the Maximizing 75 Vitamin Cream What makes it different than other creams? While there are many moisturizers already out on the market, there are only few that are formulated to be moisturizing and gentle enough… 

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5 Step Korean Skincare Routine: How to Get Rid of Oily Skin


What is Oil on Your Skin Telling You? Oil produced from the sebaceous glands (oil-producing glands) definitely plays an important role in our skin. It moisturizes our skin, prevents our skin from drying out and aging too fast, and even lubricates the skin which protects our skin from external factors. However, when the oil becomes… 

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5 Ways to Calm & Repair Irritated Sensitive Skin for Each Skin Condition

Cover_5 ways to calm repair sensitive skin for each skin type

‘Sensitive Skin’. We’ve heard of it countlessly by now and we don’t even remember when we first picked acquaintance with it. But, what exactly is sensitive skin? What causes it and how can you make it better? Regardless of skin types, your skin can turn sensitive or irritated due to countless factors and just because… 

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How to Moisturize Sensitive Dry Skin?

Cover_How to Moisturize Sensitive Dry Skin

Let me ask you a question. What is the first question you ask yourself when you wake up in the morning? Let’s be honest. It’s either “What should I have for breakfast?” or “What lipstick shade should I rock today?” But in fact, there are more important questions you should be asking yourself every day…. 

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