Did you know that you could do a professional skin scaling at home as well? The secret is carbonated water pack. There are many different mask packs in Korea, but today, carbonated water pack is in trend. Carboxy Mask Pack contains carbonic acid that creates carbon’s biomechanics reaction for professional skin care results. This mask pack is based on carbonated water and helps your skin in many different ways. Carboxy Mask Pack reduces pore size, increases skin elasticity, brightens your skin tone, and improves your scars and skin surfaces. So you could feel the professional skin scaling effects with the carboxy pack at home.


It’s not very difficult to use this carbonated water pack. First, you start by putting toner on your face so your skin gets ready for the next step. Take out the syringe, remove the cap on top of the syringe. Apply the syringe on your face evenly. Lastly, attach the sheet mask. Carbonic acid reactions will occur when the sheet mask and gel make a contact, so make sure you gently press down the sheet mask. After a given amount of time depending on your skin, remove the sheet mask from the bottom. Massage your face while popping the carbonic vita-capsules. Gently wash your face with water, and ONLY water. Apply neutralizing toner and keep your face moisturized!

Tips and Warnings

  • Your skin will increase its absorbability 10 times more after one use of the carboxy mask pack. Please be careful to not to use any products that contain harmful ingredients on your skin.
  • Sensitive/dried skin: After using the product, make sure you keep your skin moisturized after so that your skin doesn’t start flaking! Use every day, for 15 minutes or less!
  • Oily/Acne-prone skin: After using the product, make sure you take care of your skin as simple as possible! For oily skin, use 4-5 days. For skin types with acne use 2-3 days, for 30 minutes or less!
  • Keep the carboxy syringes refrigerated
  • Close the cap after the use!
  • Do not apply too much around your eyes since the skin is thin and sensitive around there.

carbonated water pack

This product is recommended for people who want professional skin care but don’t have enough time or money, people with dried skin, dull skin who wants brightening effect, and people who want radiant and healthy skin without any large pores and scars. You may feel tingles while using this product depending on your skin type and thickness. The sensation is due to the carbonic acid reaction which means that it is doing its job! This water pack is based on carbonated water so it’s a natural effect. Applying cold toner will help your skin calm from the water pack. After one use, you can definitely see a difference to your skin. First week, your skin will brighten, Second week, your skin will clean out the pores and scars. Towards the end, it’ll improve your skin overall leaving no flaws! If you continue to use this for 3 straight months, your skin will permanently be improved and stay healthy!

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