If you are like most of us millennials, then you might remember being a small child, having the chicken pocks and having your parents lather your body in that pink calamine lotion to stop the painful itch. Well did you know, calamine lotion is a wonderful secret ingredient you might have been missing in your sensitive skincare routine to help calm and sooth all types of skin irritations!

What is Calamine Lotion?

Calamine lotion is a type of mineral or formerly known as a form of Zinc that is commonly known for its medical use to calm skin itching and irritations. Some most memorable uses for calming of itchy chicken pocks, insect bites, and rashes. Often known to be accessible in pharmacies in bulk form, yet it can also be found in some skincare products! Especially in some products that are marketed towards calming skin irritation or inflammation.

TRY: Skin&Lab Pink Clay Facial Mask

However, did you know calamine lotion has a counter partner in crime when it comes to powerful calming and soothing properties and benefits to the skin? One skincare ingredient that has made a big scene in the skincare industry is Guaiazulene. This powerhouse ingredient provide intensive anti-irritation and skin healing benefits! Derived from nature, instead of a natural pink color, Guaiazulene contains a natural blue pigment when present in skincare.

So which should you be using, Calamine lotion or Guaiazulene? The choice, in turn, is whichever you prefer. However, Calamine lotion does not provide the same skin healing benefits as Guaiazulene. My recommendation is to use calamine lotion for body irritations or simple spot treatments on the face, such as bug bites or inflamed pimples. If you want a little more “power” in your skincare, then using skincare products that contain Guaiazulene is the best choice. Skincare with this ingredient will not only aid to calm irritated skin, reduce redness and itching, but it will also aid in skin repair, healing and even provide rich anti-aging benefits! Making it the right choice for use on the face in comparison to calamine lotion.

Looking for some skincare products that contain Guaiazulene? Below are some best selling items that contain a high amount of the ingredient for intensive skin healing and protection during the day for the perfect AM to PM routine.

TRY: Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream, Klairs Midday Blue Sun Lotion

If you have been a fan of Calamine, then now is the time to branch out and try some other competitor ingredients to help you get control over the frustrating challenges of managing sensitive and irritation prone skin. Not only will your skin be soothed, but it will also be thanking you while looking more youthful and full of life!

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