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If you have ever looked at any Kpop idol or model you most certainly would have noticed their exceptionally flawless skin texture. Kpop idols especially are globally known for their impeccable looking skin which we can’t help but feel envious of. But don’t worry, their radiant smooth looking skin is not always naturally that way! Even boy idol groups have shared a little of their secrets with international magazines such as Allure, giving a small inside scoop on the BTS beauty secrets and skincare tips we all have been dying to know.

BTS Skincare Tips You Need to Know

Rap Monster: Formally RM shared with Allure magazine in 2017 that he has dry skin. As a 23 year old, this really isn’t shocking to find out. But even as a dry skin sufferer, he too gets an occasional pimple. Rap Monster shares he personally enjoys the brand Mediheal, but in June 2018, Rap Monster was seen in a local HERA boutique shopping for the Homme ranges Essence. Proudly claiming the essence helps him to maintain smooth and perfect skin without a heavy feeling. He reportedly was purchasing multiples of the product for his fellow co-idols; Kim Ji Suk and Ha Suk Jin as reported on Soompi.

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Jin: As the oldest of the group (25 atm), Jin admits to Allure that his favorite thing is sheet masks. As it seems Jin can be quite concerned about excessive sun exposure as well as loss of moisture, Jin claims to utilize sheet masks quite often to help him maintain a bright and moisturized complexion. He claims that taking good care of his skin is a major factor in maintaining his appearance. We can’t agree more with Jins love for sheet masks as they are a game changer in the world of Korean skincare!

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J-Hope: When interviewed, J-Hope claims his skincare is not only the number one most important thing for all stars, but himself included. His biggest concerns around his skin come down to the fact he meets face-to-face with his fans often. As such, he really wants to ensure he looks his best for those real-world situations. J-Hope share some vital BTS beauty secrets with Allure, including the most important steps of his skincare routine, those being; for more – toner and facial cream, at night – toner, essence, acne treatment, lotion, and cream! Not only that, J-Hope even opens up to visiting a dermatologist quite often to maintain his skins condition. We love seeing that even Kpop idols such as J-Hope need to invest some extra care into his routine to keep pesky acne pimples at bay.

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V: When interviewed, V admits to still not having found a perfect routine or product yet. We sure do feel V on this as finding the perfect products and routine can be quite troublesome, especially when you have combination skin like V. He claims to be troubled with skin that can quickly become dry and oily, almost at the flip of a switch, but the one thing V does seem sound on is skin commitment for the use of toner and lotion to keep his skin under control. Especially while travelling, V shares he likes to use an ampoule toner and lotion on cotton pads as an on-plane treatment to balance him moisture levels. We love this little DIY as one of the BTS skincare tips!

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Suga: We all can’t help but feel a little envious of Suga when it comes to these BTS beauty secrets as Sugar quite literally seems to have no secrets. The most low maintenance of the boy group, Sugar admits to not taking care of his skin in the least.

Our Pick: Not into skin care? At least drink lemon water daily!

Jungkook: Out of the group, Jungkook seems he can get most frustrated by acne pimples as revealed by Allure. Jungkook admits to breakouts being one of his biggest frustrations when it comes to his skin. But aside from breakouts, Jungkook shares his skincare secrets. He makes sure to use toner and cream every morning and every night!

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Jimin: One thing we love for these BTS beauty secrets is how Jimin stressed to Allure that he always makes sure to drink lots of water while travelling via plane. Planes are known for being very dehydrated both for the body and skin, but Jimin sure isn’t letting that happen. On top of that, Jimin admits that skincare can be a form of self-care as he tends to clear his mind while cleansing his face after a performance. But he doesn’t seem to share much more on his beauty secrets as of yet.

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