Bring on the BLINGS

How to get sexy glitter BLINGS on your nails

Bling-bling navy nail tutorial

Bring on the BLINGS

I think summer is the perfect season to bring on the BLINGS! In a very personal perspective, I find it very sexy when girls wear glitters. (haha) Anyway this week, we decided to load some glitters on your nails. Contrasting bright silver and deep sea blue helped us to blow my stress away. It’s really too simple to call this as a tutorial but this simple glitter contrast makes a total refreshment for you. Enjoy!

1. Prepare glittery and sparkly polishes as well as a cream navy color. Here I brought Aritiaum Style Code Nails #1 Water Code. This is the absolute kit for today’s tutorial and the colors from left to right are, “Secret Navy”, “Secret Splash”, and “Silver Bullet”.
2. Apply a nice base coat as it’ll help to remove glitter polishes easier and protect the nails from staining.
3. I used each coat of both “Secret Navy” and “Silver Bullet” on different fingers.
4. I topped the navy color with “Secret Splash” with two coats for much vibrant sparkles. And also I applied another coat of “Silver Bullet”
5. Top coat is and you’re ready to go!

Hope playing with glitters is fun!

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