What Are the Best Wrinkle Removers and How Do We Prevent Wrinkles?

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ok! So every year I feel thankful that I get to mature a little bit more and I feel like I’m actually growing up a bit so I’m really happy BUT LADIES and FELLAS can I be honest with you? These darn wrinkles that are multiplying under my eyes, smile line, forehead and my face! Gosh, I wish I can get an iron and iron them out! Let me get an AMEN! So I wanted to talk about how I can choose the best wrinkle remover and how to prevent wrinkles! Because to tell you the truth, yall know that it’s EXTREMELY hard to get rid of them so it’s 10000000 times easier to make sure we prevent them!


  • A.When’s the proper age to start using wrinkle removers/anti-aging products?
    If I start too early, would it be actually bad for my skin?
    -Preventive care and early treatment can be the most effective way for wrinkles so you can start using wrinkle remover starting from your 20’s!
  • B.What causes wrinkles?
    -It’s mainly caused by sun damages and (sadly) generics;(
    Ladies and Fellas so once again! PLEASE PUT ON YOUR SUNBLOCKS, yes! even on rainy and cloudy days!
  • C.What about using botox for my wrinkles?
    -As someone who has personally have botoxed and receive it regularly, I want to definitely commend it BUT!! there’s always a BUT!! I believe and many doctors will say that one should start when the wrinkles/lines start to appear. And it’s so very important that you don’t get a large amount! Many good doctors will first inject only a small amount, and after 2 weeks, you may return and get a little bit more if necessary. Because it is so very not beautiful when you get so much that you can not move your face, and you can see no emotion at all on your face;( I personally get it on my forehead because I started getting really thick wrinkles on my forehead! Sadly, genetically for me, my mom says super duper sensitive skin and also THIN skin and of course I got the same skin type. My doctor suggested me to get it and I was scared at first because #1, I thought it might hurt, #2, I didn’t want to be like those ladies without any face expressions. But trust me, you don’t gotta worry about anything! BUT you MUST talk to your doctor and ask them if you need them or not!

Main Question

*What are the best wrinkle remover/ anti-aging products?
Top3 Wrinkle Remover Products

1.Elishacoy Skin Repairing Snail Eye Balm

Wrinkle Remover
This is an wrinkle remover especially for those of you with sensitive skin! The reason why I fell in love with this eye balm is that it also helps with your dark circles. I also used this not just on my eyes but on my smile line that is prefectly fine also! If you have SUPER DUPER sensitive skin like me and is also worried about your dark circles, this is the perfect winkle remover for you!

2.Skin&Lab A Plus Lifting

Wrinkle Remover
Vitamin A is awesome for anti-aging! And baby, this product is called a plus lifting, so you do the math! Not only does it have an abundant amount of Vitamin A, but it is also good for restoring skin that has been damaged by the sun.

3.Brilliant Platinum Essence + Smart Finger

Wrinkle Remover
The reasons that I love this product is that of course it’s one of the best wrinkle remover but it also adds shine and moisture to your skin. And it’s free of artificial colors and fragrances! I love products like that especially these days when they try to take out any unnecessary things that can be harmful to our bodies. And this also can definitely be used by those of you with sensitive skin.

However, if you use the Smart Finger with the essence or with any other wrinkle remover, you can double the effect! Smart Finger can be used anywhere you have wrinkles while it controls the balance of the skin. It’s a easy-to-use home skin care that lightens the wrinkle so you can feel and get the effectiveness like you get when you go to a skin clinic.
Wrinkle Remover

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I'm not a doctor or an expert! But I really have used these products and wanted to share some of the awesome products and tips that I love and have actually worked for me! Thanks for reading^.~ and God Bless You!