Finding the Best Under Eye Concealer

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it’s me EUNICE^.~ How is everyone these days? Well for me, I’ve been doing okay but I’ve been having a lot of work to do after my trip to Paris, trying to pay off my credit cards LOL so actually thanks to my long hours of work and the cold wind, I have been desperately looking for the best under eye concealer for myself! I’m very careful at choosing what I use because of my sensitive and acne prone skin!

I don’t wanna do ANYTHING to make it worse! I need a product that will fit me perfectly! SoOOo I searched and looked for many different kinds of best eye concealer and I have found my MATCH^.~

best under eye concealer

-SoOo the perfect match that I found is Klairs Creamy & Natural Fit Concealer!

klairs creamy & natural fit concealer klairs concealer

The first reason why I absolutely loved it was because it was actually a concealer for acne prone skin! When I tried it, it didn’t cause any irritations for me and I made sure I used it for 2 weeks to see if I broke out more or not. I loved it that they used natural ingredient components(and these days I’ve been obsessing to check what ingredients are actually in the products that I use hehe) such as rosemary extract, perilla leaf extract, and my favorite JOJOBA OIL and other ingredients that is great for our skin. So I don’t have to stress when I use my concealer to cover my pimples worrying if it’s going to make me break out more or not! YAY!

dark circle concealer

-BUT THE MAIN REASON that I knew this was the best under eye concealer for me was that IT ACTUALLY covered my dark circles, blemishes, dots, freckles, and ALSO around my eyes, around my nose, and my lips area where it’s a little bit darker than other parts of my face also! I was so happy that it also actually covered what I needed to cover but at the same time it didn’t leave my skin try at all. Because the skin under and around our eyes are the most sensitive area on our face, I really wanted a concealer that wasn’t going to make more wrinkles under my eyes! I’m 29 in Korean age, in 2 months, I’m turning 30! I’m thankful and I’m excepting the fact that I’m getting older BUT NOooOOOoO please no more wrinkles under my eyes!

-I have one amazing news for you guys ! This concealer is provided with a special benefit right now ! If you buy one concealer, you can get the Klairs BB Cream which is good matched with the concealer also!   It is a great chance you can get the both of the full size of concealer and the BB cream together with the only price of a concealer. So don’t miss this chance ! :)  ▶Click to see the details.

Steps On How To Cover Drak-Circles Ver Well^.~


1.Make sure that you put on your eye cream before you do this, BUT not too thick
2.Apply several dots of the concealer under your eyes
3.Then you can dab it with a fine brush or FOR ME I just use my ring finger for easier blending.
(This step depends on what you prefer, I recommend trying both but for me I have sensitive skin so I don’t like using brushes, but for some of my other friends it gives them more coverage!)
4.This step is not mandatory! When I’m late, I just go! But for longer coverage, it’s great if you can pat a power or compact foundation afterwards to make maintain and blend into the skin.(But even without this step, for me ENCA’s concealer itself covered my dark-circles really well.

Color Guide

I’ve prepared this for those of you who are thinking, “Would this color fit me or Not?” This will help to decide if the color fits you~
Since there is only one color of this concealer, I want to recommend it for those of you who think that Klairs BB Cream or Asian foundation of #21,#23 fits you well, then this will be a perfect concealer for you also!

-If you wanna check about the Klairs BB Cream shade also, Click and see here: BB Cream Color Comparison

Well~ I hope that this helped and I just wanted to share this concealer because it was so hard for me to find a concealer that ACTUALLY covers well AND doesn’t make me break out! And I’ve been so busy these days so I’ve been actually so lazy to take care of my skin, SO I NEEDED something to cover those dark-circles that made me look really tired hehe BUT we need to remember that sleeping before 12 is SO healthy and great for our skin!*I’m saying this as a reminder to myself!* Anyways, okay! I need to get back to my wok~ I hope this helped guys! And I hope that you guys really get to try this out~


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I'm not a doctor or an expert! But I really have used these products and wanted to share some of the awesome products and tips that I love and have actually worked for me! Thanks for reading^.~ and God Bless You!