Best Toner for Your Skin

To people whom have a specific skincare routine, toners are a common product to use. However, it may still be a new aspect to those that are now looking for the perfect items to include in their procedure. Toners are to be used after cleansing in order for one to experience the results of looking younger, fresher and smoother! As like other skincare products, one needs to buy and use toners that work best for their skin type.

Dry Skin Types

Best Toner for Your Skin

If you have dry skin, it is likely that your skin will be tight even after washing your face. Therefore, it is best to opt out on toners with alcohol but instead choose ones that have either a hydrating or moisturizing effect. We recommend PONGDANG’s Donkey Milk Toner because it serves as a light and silky finishing touch.

Oily Skin Types

Best Toner for Your Skin

If you have oily skin, you are susceptible of breaking out into pimples or acnes. To keep in these blemishes, it is recommended to use toners opposite to those for dry skin; it is suggested to use ones that have AHAs or salicylic acid and avoid those with moisturizing aspect. Check out ENCA’s Acne Control Balancing Toner because not only does it leave one’s skin refreshed and soothed but also treats acne pimples.

Sensitive Skin Types

Best Toner for Your Skin

It is often difficult for those with sensitive skin to buy skincare products in fear that it will worsen their skin troubles. To help those in that situation, use toners with hazel extracts because it tightens the skin and avoid alcohol based toners because it will create problems. LEI LANI’s Poruji Toner hydrates skin, restores optimal balance to prevent oiliness and soothes acne-prone skin.

Normal Skin Types

Best Toner for Your Skin

People with normal skin neither have too oily nor too oily skin, so it is best to use one based on the weather condition. During the hot weather, go for the refreshing types and during the cold weather, go for the moisturizing type! We highly recommend The Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner for those with normal skin although it is definitely the best toner for your skin no matter what skin type. This facial toner has been highly commended for its numerous benefits and has even been chose as the NO. 1 toner from the “Glowpick’!

In conclusion, it is vital to choose the best toner for your skin because it can make a huge difference on one’s skin especially during the winter. By applying after cleansing, it will give your skin that extra glow that everyone deserves. Start off 2016 by adding or switching to the best toner for your skin!

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Best Toner for Your Skin



  • [PONGDANG](END/20160620) Donkey Milk TonerUSD19.99
  • [ENCA](END/160406) Acne Control Balancing TonerUSD20.99
  • [LEI LANI]Poruji TonerUSD19.99 -> USD10.00
  • [KLAIRS]Supple Preparation Facial TonerUSD21.99
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