SPF Your Skin Needs this Summer & Year Round

SPF Your Skin Needs this Summer & Year Round

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How are you, today we have something very special lined up for you. We are going to discuss the effects of sun and its ultraviolet rays on human skin. This article focuses on the importance of resorting to choose the correct sun protection factor or SPF and having nothing short of the best sunscreen for face and skin. Now as we know the sun can have extremely harmful effects on human skin. The rays of the sun are better known as Ultraviolet Rays and penetrate deep within the skin to cause a number of skin troubles.

What is SPF (Sun Protection Factor)?

Sun protection factor is a determination of how well your sun screen or sun protection is functioning. This is a method of basically determining the effectiveness of the product you choose for sun protection, to guard you from the effects of the Sun and its Ultraviolet rays. Most sunscreens do mention the level of protection they offer. Thus it is natural to assume that a product with grater SFP will offer enhanced protection and vice-versa.

The Sun’s Rays:

The Sun as we know, emits two types of rays. You will now find out the effects the two different types of Sun’s rays have on our skin.


The UVA rays of the sun penetrates deep into skin and are usually referred to long wave rays in scientific terms. The UVA rays harm the skin to cause it to get red, appear burnt and eventually age prematurely.


Scientifically the UVB are called short wave rays and these rays specifically target the upper surface of the skin. It is these UVB rays that are deemed most harmful, as it is the prolonged exposure of the skin to UVB rays that can lead to severe skin conditions and even cancer in the most extreme of cases.


Friends as advised by most of the medical fraternity, it is well known that Prevention is better than cure. It is most advisable to resort to using the best sunscreen for face all year round, to protect your skin from exposure to the sun while you are outdoors. The sunscreen works as a shield and prevents the rays of the sun from making contact with the skin. It is this barrier that would prevent your skin from bearing the brunt of the sun. So if you do have plans to go down to the beach, please don’t forget your SPF .


A lot of people do also resort to simple skin moisturizers which would keep the skin hydrated even on a sunny day. This definitely helps keep the skin conditions in check when out on a sunny day but it does not guarantee complete protection from the sun. What we have for you in terms of a Great Recommendation is a Mid-Day Sun Lotion which is one best skincare products and is suitable for yearlong protection from the sun.

So Friends here is presenting:

Klairs Mid-Day Blue Sun Lotion SPF40/PA++:

SPF Your Skin Needs this Summer & Year Round

This is a Great product from Klairs and helps an individual’s skin retain healthy and retain moisture. The Klairs Mid-Day Blue Sun Lotion provides adequate protection from UVA and UVB rays of the sun. The product is based on a non sticky formulation and has a beautiful blue color which helps skin appear light and toned. An excellent feature the product is the protection that it provides protection even in the most miserable of circumstances. The product is formulated to protect skin even during a heat wave. Based on user recommendations and reviews it has been ascertained that the regular use of the product adds a natural glow to the skin. Finally the product contains Guaiazulene like substance which reduces skin irritation and makes your skin appear flawless and enviable. This product is ideal for those who are looking to make most of the summer months and are looking for sun protection and skin moisturization at the same time.


Dear Friends the above product we recommended is suitable for use on all skin types, even sensitive. The product is formulated with natural ingredients and certified for safety in terms of oral usage on the skin. So ladies if you are looking to make heads turn and carry a radiance like never before, this product fits your expectation in every aspect of facial skin care, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Ladies would like to end by saying use nothing other than the best sunscreen for face and skin and resort to some kind of sunscreen all year round to never let go of the eternal gift of youth.


SPF Your Skin Needs this Summer & Year Round


  • [KLAIRS]Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion SPF40USD20.00
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