Best Phone Apps for Women New Year’s Resolutions

Best Phone Apps for Women New Year’s Resolutions

Hello Lovely Ladies,

To begin with, I would like to ask you all a question this time. How are your New Year’s Resolutions going on? Yes those very resolutions we vowed to preach as the clock struck Midnight the 31st of December 2015. Well, if you are following your resolutions with dedication it would be a great thing but if your lifestyle is coming in your way then we have a mobile solution in the form of Phone Apps to get you there in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Looking after yourself is one aspect that you should never give up on. Today there are a number of Mobile Apps which could help you keep a track of your schedule.  I did recommend in one of my earlier articles that looking after your appearance should be a priority, however that would be possible only if we start living healthy. So ladies  here we have some pocket friendly solution coming right to your rescue.

Mobile Apps we recommend:

Lose It!:

Best Phone Apps for Women New Year’s Resolutions

Lost It! is an application based pocket scheduler which assists you in a weight loss program that you have just taken upon as a resolution for this New Year 2016. The weight loss app has as of January 2016 contributed towards people collectively losing 43 million pounds in weight, which is phenomenal. This mobile or Smartphone application gives you the option to set your Goals in terms of the amount of weight you intend to lose. The application features options to count your calories based on your food consumption thus keeping you well accounted towards your calorie intake. Lose It! allows you to create a group of friends, share healthy recipes and also find healthy food by a simple scan of a barcode. Finally Lose It! also features an option to challenge yourself based on the weight you intend to lose. In this option you can manage your Workout Regime, Food Consumption on the basis of the number of days you take upon to accomplish the challenge in.


Best Phone Apps for Women New Year’s Resolutions

The Runkeeper is one fantastic app which is specifically designed for runners. A light daily run is known to have excellent benefits for the body; therefore there is no element of doubt that this Mobile Application finds 45 Million Downloads. The applications has a number of options starting from Learning to Run for people who have just taken upon running, to scheduling a fitness program to Lose Weight and Create Challenges for yourself towards achieving your desired weight loss or intended fitness results. For professionals and working individuals the Runkeeper Mobile App helps schedule important events, such as a marathon race or an upcoming project deadline. The application works around all these aspects to help you create time towards running or helping you train for an event. Last but not the least this network helps you to connect with friends and compare progress with one another to create healthy competition and even appoint a coach if required. Also if you are looking for a result oriented application which shows progress results from time to time then the Runkeeper is what you need to consider installing.


Best Phone Apps for Women New Year’s Resolutions

Ladies this one is for you specially, the Clue Application is a Scientific Assistant for you to track your Menstrual Cycle. As the application is distinguished for the specific purpose you can easily keep a track of your period, pain, mood swings, fluid, sexual activity etc. The application also has a feature for you to enter certain personal notes if required. Many people would think this is simply just a clock; not really Clue is in fact one of the smartest phone apps which help educate ladies on; Is My Cycle Normal? Which dates I can get pregnant? What is PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)? And a lot of information which might in fact be very beneficial and handy for ladies. This is one application that I recommend every lady to have on her phone. It just keeps you more prepared, suppose you are planning to get pregnant. The application would help you understand the most likely conception days based on your ovulation dates.

So Ladies I hope the information I have provided will help you plan a healthier and more dedicated lifestyle.  A lot of us take on New Year’s Resolutions at the moment but simple choose to forget it as we get back to work. The above applications will help you to make way around your hectic schedules and for once create time for yourselves. As I stress time and again looking after yourself and your own health is an utmost priority.

Wishing you lots of Love and a healthy living this 2016.

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Best Phone Apps for Women New Year’s Resolutions

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