Best Night Cream & Routine for Different Skin Type.

You guys all know that sleeping a lot helps you to become more beautiful right? We sleep about 5-8 hours everyday. How wonderful would it be if you can become more beautiful each time we goto sleep and wake up?
As u guys know already, like koorola, if you just go to sleep without taking care of your skin, then all you are gonna get is dead skin, huge pores, acne, and other problems with your skin!
But dont worry! We are here to introduce you to a skin care routine that will help you to become more beautiful little by little as we go to sleep and wakeup.
There are many of you guys that wonder ,what kind of night skincare is there for me to look fabulous for my date or an important event the next morning right?
Also, we wonder how the heck to those celebratities have blemish free, pore free, flawless and glowing skin. Or when you want to look and feel like you got a special skincare treatment at a skincare shop! Or if your skin conditions differs all the time. I know that we can’t become JunJi Hyun overnight but if we have the effective night skincare “Proper product, Right usage, and golden time 10 to 2,” that we have prepared today, then you will be able to feel that you are becoming more and more beautiful in the morning after your sleep.
Today we have prepared nightcare products and useful tips that will take care of your skin in many different ways during your sleep. We have prepared this for all different skin types;oily, combination, dry, and sensitive skin. This is a special deal with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING that is only offered to Wishtrend TV subscribers.Today, we have 2 versions of night skincare solutions. 1st option is the solution for oily and combination skin types. 2nd option is the solution for dry and sensitive skin types. Here, when we say sensitive skin type, we mean both oily skin type or dry skin type that is sensitive, if your skin is closer to oily skin type than dry but if it’s very sensitive then follow the solution for sensitive skin type. And even if you are not exactly oily or dry skin type, we have prepared products that can be the solution to different skin conditions so that you can use it even when your skin is extremely dry or when you face feels like there’s a lot of oily.
Best Night Cream & Routine for Different Skin Type.

1. Oily & Combination Skin Solution for Night Skincare

Oily skin types have the problem of excess sebum oily combination skin types have the problem of having dry parts of the face and at the same time having oily skin so it’s closer to having oily skin type with many different problems. So we have prepared 3 effective products that will take care of your dead skin, excess sebum, huge pores and acne, and acne scars while you are asleep.
It’s formed with Klair’s toner, skin and lab’s red serum, and 23 years old badecasil cream for night skin care set!

Step 1) Toner : [KLAIRS] Supple Preparation Facial Toner

– Hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan are in this toner so it’s really soft and a great toner for people with sensitive skin types to use.
– After u use it, it’s very moisturizing but doesn’t leave you with any stickiness.
– The scent is great, not too strong and it soaks in really well into your skin and is made from natural plant ingredients so once again it’s soft.

Step 2) Serum : [SKIN&LAB] Dr. Color Effect Red Serum

– This item is very important because this serum and the cream that you will use for the next step combined together will be the best combination for night skincare solution.
– This product is a multi- functional essence for whitening, wrinkle care, and moisturizing and it will also control your sebum.
– It’s always in the high ranking of wish trend awards so it’s definitely a product that has been proven to work.
– Phyto-red complex which is a natural ingredient in this product, helps to brighten your skin, is great for anti-aging and protects your skin also.
– Not only that, because of the natural ingredients in this serum, it will strengthen your skin’s natural elasticity tissue, it will also strengthen the turnover of skin layer.

Step 3) Cream : [23YEARS OLD] Badecasil Cream (7 in 1 Solution)

– It has the ingredient 2% of betaine-salicylate which is an excellent ingredient to make your skin smooth.
– It also has ingredients that are great for moisturizing.
– For those people who have worries of exfoliating and blackheads because they are suffering from excess sebum, it’s a multi cream that will take care of all that and also moisturizing.
– It melts the waste and dead skin without stimulating your skin and it gets rid of excess sebum because it goes deep into your pores, and it helps with damaged skin and acne scars.
– This product’s PH level is 3.92 which is safe for the skin. Plus it has pantenol, snail mucus extracts, and witch hazel and other natural moisturizing and calming ingredients to moisturize your skin after exfoliating.
– You can get smooth and healthier skin by just putting it on once before you go to sleep so it’s the best night cream for your skin type.
– If you have combination skin, put it on your face lightly and the parts that are oily, put on another layer.
– If you have extremely oily skin, put a thick layer on all over your face.

2. Dry & Sensitive skin solution for Night Skincare

Dry, rough, and uneven with more wrinkle forming every single day, pores that is visible, and redness so we have prepared 3 effective products that will take care of your skin! It’s a set of Klairs’s toner, 2 boxes of nighting gail toning eraser step 1, and skin miso pore zero night cream that you can use it as a night care for a whole month.

Step 1) Exfoliation &  Essence : [NIGHTINGALE] Toning Eraser (Lv.1/ For Beginner /Ph 4.5)

(Dry Skin: Once Every 3 ~ 5 days/ Sensitive Skin: Once Every 4 ~ 7 days)

– It’s a peeling gel that you can see the same effect of getting peeling laser at your dermatologists or the same effect you can get at a skincare shop for an expensive peeling treatment.
– It’s a functional peeling treatment that takes care of your wrinkles and whitening.
– It’s a smart product that melts the dead skin and blemishes so it brightens the tone for your skin, and has a lifting effect for your pores and skin.
– The effect of this product has been proven, so it’s used in popular skincare shops in shinsa, garosugil, and other well known estectic shops. Depending on the level peeling, there’s 1st level, 2nd level, and original.
– We introduce you to level 1 which is a product that is enough mild & safe for sensitive skin types to use. Personally, i was kind of scared before I tried it, but it was very mild.
– Next day, I saw my skin toned brightened and also my skin was really soft so I fell in love with this product.

Step 2) Toner & Soothing :  [KLAIRS] Supple Preparation Facial Toner

– This toner has natural ingredients in it so it’s very soft and mild.
– I personally use this toner and it’s actually my 5th bottle, hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan are in this toner so it’s really moisturized and a great toner for people with sensitive skin types to use.
– It’s great for even sensitive skin types to use and if you put a lot of it on a cotton puff and leave it on your face like a sheet mask pack for calming and moisturizing it’s great to use.

Step 3) Cream : [SKINMISO] Pore Zero Night Cream

– The texture is almost like sour cream it’s really soft and moisturizing. Even if you use just a little bit of it, It soaks well into your skin.
– It’s really light and also the moisture lasts for more than 5 hours long.
– That’s not all. As you are sleeping, it tightens your pores, controls your moisture and oil balance, calms your skin, whitens and also is great for elasticity and wrinkles. This is all possible with this one cream.
– That’s why it’s the key to SkinMiso’s night pore complex. It has Kaba, Glycyrrhiza extracs, Lemon balm, Witchhazel, Seige, and Peppermint and other natural ingredients that are excellent for your skin.
– It also is great for damaged skin and it strengthens your skin’s layer and normalizes your turn over and is great for your moisture and oil balance.
– Not to mention that it tightens your pres and prevents black and whiteheads.
– It’s a perfect product for those of you with dry skin and also that were worried about your pores.

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Best Night Cream for different skin type.
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I'm not a doctor or an expert! But I really have used these products and wanted to share some of the awesome products and tips that I love and have actually worked for me! Thanks for reading^.~ and God Bless You!