What is the Best Makeup : The Most Popular Klairs BB Cream


The Most Popular Klairs BB Cream

Do you feel you are constantly wondering, “what is the best makeup for me?”
well here is a little glimpse at a Korean bb cream that might actually be the best choice for your skin. No matter what your skin type is!

The Most Popular Klairs BB Cream

Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream

Wait! Yes, this is a bb cream, but don’t be discouraged. There are several reasons as to why I am so keen on sharing this bb cream.

  1. It looks natural
  2. It has a neutral/olive/yellow base that matches most light/medium skin tones
  3. It has NO grey tones
  4. It is designed to work with all skin types, even those with sensitive and acne prone skin
  5. It has a gentle formula containing natural ingredients
  6. It is easy to apply and blends easily into the skin
  7. It blurs visible pores and reduces the appearance of redness and fatigue
  8. It is globally loved and ranked No.1

See? I told you there are many reasons why I am sharing this bb cream with you today as the best makeup for everyday wear.
Now don’t be confused, just because this is the best makeup, does not mean it is a high coverage foundation that will make you photo ready. That my friend is a whole other category. Instead, this is the best makeup for your to wear to school, to work, to casual events, and even formal events. It will give your that natural perfect and flawless look that makes people think “is that her natural skin?!”


The Most Popular Klairs BB Cream

The Klairs BB Cream not only sounds good on paper, it proves it’s self by being ranked as the number one selling and repurchasing bb cream on multiple Korean makeup media platforms. Not only in Korea, but the Klairs BB Cream is loved on a global level by many bloggers who have discovered the wonder trend of Asian beauty secrets.

Taking the Instagram hashtag #모찌비비 ( #mochibb ) by storm, the Klairs BB Cream has been proven to make the skin look rich and full of moisture. Look healthy and radiant and of course look naturally flawless, as if your skin was always soft, smooth, fresh and glowing.

Personally, Klairs is perfect for me when I want my skin to look naturally beautiful when I am going out and to events. For daily life at the office, 1 coat is enough to make me look like I woke up with radiant skin. For outings, a second coat of Klairs BB Cream is perfect to make my skin look radiant, full of moisture and flawless. And for any stubborn areas, a third coat for dark circles and red spots is enough to look photo ready. To me, there is no surprise the Klairs BB Cream has become the number one ranking BB cream.

Rank No.1 On

Ranked No.1 on multiple platforms popular in Korea. Memebox’s number 1 BB Cream! 10×10 also ranked number 1 as well as on Babosarang!

The Most Popular Klairs BB Cream

Loved By Bloggers

#모찌비비 #mochibb on Instagram! Bloggers love sharing Klairs BB Cream as the best makeup for silky smooth skin with no pores.

The Most Popular Klairs BB Cream


So tell me,
are you ready to try the best makeup for natural beautiful looking skin?




The Most Popular Klairs BB Cream


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