Lash Curling Tutorial with the best eyelash curler

best eyelash curler Tutorial

Why the eyelash curling iron is the best eyelash curler for you?

This eyelash curling iron uses a semiconductor to regulate the temperature of the curler so that it never gets too hot. This item is streamlined to fit the shape of your eye for a quick and speedy curling. It also has a protective layer so that it is safe to use on your eyelashes. It is one of the quickest ways to get instant uplift! They help to curling the lashes, whether their eyelashes are natural or extended one. Unlike from metal curlers, eyelash curling iron does not damage your natural beauty of eyelashes. What is the most attractive factor on this best eyelash curler it that they are long lasting. It is similar to curling irons for hair, eyelash curling iron applies gently. Distinct differences from mechanical eyelash curler, eyelash curling iron enables to use on top of mascara to smooth and soften the look of the mascara for a perfect application. Hence, it will add your finished look with gorgeous and groomed curls. It is truly a great product! Love the way it works, fast and efficient!

How to curl eyelashes using this eyelash curling iron?

1. Insert a 1.5V AA battery in it.
2. Turn on the switch of this eyelash iron.
3. After 2~3 minutes, Apply the tip of the curling iron to near the root of the eyelashes.
(Be careful not to touch pupil)
4. Slowly shift the tip upward to the top of eyelashes.
5. Repeat this to the rest of the areas for curling all eyelashes.
(* If you curl your lashes dividing with 3 sections, You can make perfect curling lashes easily.)
6. Done! Apply mascara for fixing the curling lashes for a long time.

If you want to see the Details on this item, Click here ▶Wish Eyecurl Eyelash Curling Iron

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