Best eye cream for young skin and Routine

Best eye cream for young skin and Routine

Ladies and Gentlemen!
I’m thrilled to finally introduce you to something that you have all been waiting for~ an article on the part of the face that starts aging first which is the skin around our Eyes!

Today we have prepared tips on how to choose the perfect eye cream for yourself for especially young people. Did you guys know that the skin around our eyes is as thin as a tissue? Plus, there is not much of sweat and excess sebum around that area so it’s more dry and easier to get wrinkles. As time passes, your skin starts aging and because of the frequent process of putting on eye makeup and removing our eye makeup, we loose elasticity and also we get wrinkles. Once wrinkles around your eyes are formed, it’s really hard to get rid of them with just cosmetics. It is extremely important and more effective to use eye cream and prevent your winkles before you start seeing them! But I know many of you weren’t sure exactly what is the right cream for you right? And you guys didn’t want to use your mom’s eye creams that felt a little bit too oily, right? So today, I want to introduce to you the right way to choose the perfect eye cream for yourself and also eye care routines for those of you who do not have eye wrinkles yet and also for those of you who started getting eye wrinkles like me! Ugh!

Let me tell you the things young people should consider before choosing the products for your eyes

1st, It’s important to choose an eye cream with a rich moisturizing effect because the skin around our eyes lacks moisture and oil balance.

2nd, It needs to be a product that will be okay for sensitive skin to use. This is because even though your skin type is not sensitive, the skin around your eyes is very sensitive and easily stimulated.

3rd, you need to know your skin type and need to find the perfect eye product with those functions in it. After checking if your skin type is dry or oily than find out what you need the most from moisture, elasticity, whitening, and wrinkle care. If the skin around your eyes is really dry, like me, choose a highly enriched moisturizing cream or eye gel for dry skin. If you have oily skin type and have a lot of oil around your eyes, than choose a light textured product.

4th, you need to carefully check the ingredients and functions of your eye creams! There are Adenosine and Retinol, ingredients which has been proven by the Ministry of Food and Drug and Safety to improve your eye wrinkles. Adenosine restores your skin cell’s ability to form itself and speeds up Collagen process for the elasticity of your skin. Retinol is an ingredient of Vitamin A and is excellent for elasticity and rejuvenating your skin. But it’s very sensitive to light and heat so you can only use it at nighttime. Besides those ingredients, AHA, Peptide, Vitamin C is also great ingredients for firming. Vitamin K, Glycolic Acid, and Kojic Acid are excellent ingredients for dark circles.

Let me recommend you good eye products and also eye care routine for Young Skin.

Eye Care Step 1

Use the Hydrogel type patches which stimulates your eyes less compare to other types of patches, for your eyes they can provide a cooling effect.
Berrisom’s Placenta Firming Hydro Gel Eye Patch is a Hydrogel typed eye patch. Placenta and Collagen which are great ingredients for elasticity, Albutin which is good for whitening, Adenosine which is excellent for wrinkle care and Hyaluronic Acid which is great for moisturizing. These ingredients help your eyes to stop suffering from dark circles and eye wrinkles. It has 60 patches in it so that you can use it every single day for a whole month! It’s really cool how you can see the difference of the thickness of the patches from before you put it on and compare the thickness when you take it off. Which means, all that nourishment soaked well into your skin. It’s chewy texture is great. Unlike other eye patches, the essence doesn’t drip down to your neck or in your eye, so you can put the patch on and watch t.v. or do whatever you want! You can use it of course for your eyes but you can also apply it to your smile lines!

Eye Care Step 2

Apply an essence which is excellent for wrinkle care.
Use a rolling ball with Skin and Lab’s Dr. Spot Clear Don’t Worry Wrinkle, then within just 5 minutes, you will be able to feel the skin around your eyes become more firm. It gives you  instant young and healthy skin. This is an amazing product because this feeling will last 10 hours. If you continuously use it, not is it only great for preventing your wrinkles but even the eye wrinkles that you have already. Pigmentation, wrinkles, subcutaneous fat, and lacking regular blood circulations can make your eyes look tired and dull. The product has ingredients to focus on getting rid of those 4 things..

Best eye cream for young skin and Routine

The most effective way to use a rolling ball

1. Starting from the front part of your eyes, put the essence on towards the back part
2. Use your middle finger to massage starting from the ends of your eyebrows to the middle part of your eye.

If you have a lot of worries and problems with your skin and if you want to prevent wrinkles for your whole face, then I want to recommend using an essence. Elishacoy snail essence has an excellent effect for rejuvenating your skin and there is 80% of extracts of snail extract and EGP Peptide ingredients for moisturizing, brightening, and strengthening the elasticity of your skin. This will take care of any dryness and wrinkles you may have. It is made with soft and natural ingredients so you can put it not only on your eyes but also all over your face.

Eye Care Step 3

Use highly-enriched eye cream
Corsx Honey Eye Cream is the best eye cream that has the ingredients Honey and Ceramide in it, giving your skin instant moisture and elasticity. This product also has natural ingredients so it’s a great product for anyone with sensitive skin. It’s light texture is really fresh so I want to recommend it for those of you who are still young and do not like heavy eye creams. The texture is just right! Not too light or not too heavy and it soaks in really well without any stickiness to take care of your wrinkles and dryness around the eye area. When putting on your eye cream, use the 4th finger to lightly dab onto your skin. This is because the 4th finger is the weakest. And don’t forget that the skin around your eyes is so fragile that if you rub your eyes hard or dab it strongly, it can cause more wrinkles.

Sometimes, our eye area can be very dry and feel tight. At times like these, our skin needs more help. I want to recommend one of the best eye creams for dry skin that needs help. The Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream is highly enriched with Snail Mucus. It contains 80% snail mucus which has been known for its cell repairing properties. Allowing the skin around your eyes to repair itself faster then ever before! Promoting collagen in the skin around your eyes. Meaning less fine lines and prevention and fading of wrinkles!

Best eye cream for young skin and Routine

For those of you who want moisturizing and whitening effects at the same time, I want to recommend Elishacoy’s Snail balm which has a very bouncy texture. It has snail mucin in it, this ingredient gives moisture and elasticity to the skin. It also has 8 different certified plant extract ingredients making it a complete eye care product for whitening and anti-aging. It’s a soft balm type so it melts smoothly into your skin and gives nourishment for dark circles. After you put on your eye cream, it’s a good habit to massage your facial muscles. This helps to prevent you from getting wrinkles around your eyes and it’s great for promoting blood circulation. Close your eyes and make a V shape with your 2nd and 3rd finger. Then, put it on your eyes and pull lightly towards the opposite directions. Then hold for 10 seconds and then repeat 3 times.

Best eye cream for young skin and Routine

5th finish with moisturizing cream, let me show you a good massage method that you can do at home for not only eye care but anti-aging!

1. After your eye care routine, with the left over cream on your hands, clench.. then with your thumbs up, pull along the jaw line

2. Place and press lightly where the smile line ends for 5 seconds. This will be good for the wrinkle care

3. Press along your cheek bones to massage them with your thumbs from the inside to the outside

4. Make a “V” with your 2nd and 3rd fingers and drag across your brow bone to care for your wrinkles in the middle of the forehead

5. Pull up-along your forehead, then press along your temple

Frequent eye make up of course can cause wrinkles around our eyes, but also because of pigmentation from eye shadows, this can also cause dark circles. These left overs of makeup can speed up the aging process.Making it important that we do the right cleansing method.

Soak the cotton puff a lot with eye makeup remover, then put it on top of your eyes for about 1 minute. Rub softly around your eyes to remove your eye makeup. The point here is to make sure to put the smallest amount of pressure onto your hands. If you rub hard then it can stimulate your skin and it can cause wrinkles easily. So let’s remember to carefully and softly get rid of the left over makeup.

The area around your eye is really dry so it’s important to start taking care of it early! Even if you have oily skin, there is only a small amount of excess sebum around your eyes, so it lacks moisture. Let me say this again because it’s very important! It’s important to start your eye care in the beginning of your 20’s and latest is 25! Make sure that you watch out for habits like where you turn over and go to bed, using your computer or smart phones for too long so it makes your eyes more tired which can speed up the process for getting wrinkles! Or habits like blinking too much or rubbing your eyes is really bad also! And also if your skin lacks moisture and becomes dry or if you smoke or drink alcohol too much and this process repeats, it will speed up the aging process so let’s not forget that!


Best eye cream for young skin and Routine

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I'm not a doctor or an expert! But I really have used these products and wanted to share some of the awesome products and tips that I love and have actually worked for me! Thanks for reading^.~ and God Bless You!