Why Your Best Dry Shampoo Is Causing Early Hair Loss

Why Your Best Dry Shampoo Is Causing Early Hair Loss

As young adult women, we have all been there. Day’s where you’re too tired to shower, don’t have the time or overall, just can’t be bothered. Which is where our trust friend, our best dry shampoo comes into play. However recently there has been some hustle and bustle going around claiming that our trusty dry shampoo’s can be causing use premature hair loss! Fact of the matter is, this is true and at the same time not true. So… what really is causing some women to feel they are having premature hair loss from their best dry shampoo’s?

Best Dry Shampoo Causing Hair Loss?

There are many factors that can lead to premature hair loss such as genetics, stress, unbalanced diet and the hair care we use. However, hair care is a low one on the list when it comes to hair loss, not generally being a direct cause, but a factor in it. So don’t panic yet! Before you start blaming your best dry shampoo on possibly thinning hair, take a look at these other key players.

  1. Genetics
    This is the number one cause for premature hair loss and hair loss in general in both men and women. Think about your relatives, If any of them have hair loss, then it most likely will run in the family.
  2. Diet
    Slow hair growth and thinning can be a sign of poor health and diet. Take a closer look at what you eat regularly and research if those foods contain enough protein, B12, keratin and other essential nutrients and mineral for healthy hair and nails.
  3. Stress
    Stress on the body and mind can have a significant amount of negative effects on the body, 1 of those being premature hair loss. If you know you are stressed, find hobbies and activities that can help reduce your stress.
  4. Hair care and Hygiene
    Using an excessive amount of hair products close to the scalp and not showering regularly can have a small effect on thinning hair. Heavy use of products can cause irritation to the scalp and clog pores.

Should I Stop Using Dry Shampoo?

You don’t have to, but limit your use if you are using it almost daily. Dry shampoo hasn’t been directly proven to cause hair loss but more so stimulate it. Showering regularly helps to clear away build up of oils, dirt and dead skin cells and bacteria overgrowth such a yeast. All these things when over accumulated can clog and irritated the pores on your scalp, which can slow and reduce hair growth. My tip is if you use dry shampoo one day, be sure to shower that night and not sleep on it. This way  the dry shampoo did it’s job for the day and was removed at night when our pores and skin do their natural shedding process. Not sleeping with dry shampoo in can also help clear any facial acne you may be struggling with.

If you have weak and brittle hair and use dry shampoo to keep your hair healthy, then I recommend using a natural gentle and calming shampoo to shower with. For this I suggest the Jungle Botanics Forest Leaves Cooling Shampoo. Contain zero harsh ingredients or chemicals, this natural based shampoo focusing on mild scalp scaling which helps remove dead skin cells along with dirt and oil build up on the scalp. With a cooling mint effect, it helps to calm any irritation and inflammation on the scalp and pores and preventing overgrowth of yeast bacteria on the skin.

Why Your Best Dry Shampoo Is Causing Early Hair Loss

For healthy growing hair, these are our essential tips to prevent premature hairs loss. Don’t worry, your best dry shampoo is okay to use, just in moderation. Remember, too much of a good thing can be bad.

Why Your Best Dry Shampoo Is Causing Early Hair Loss

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