Our Favorite Beauty Secrets From Korean Celebrities


K-Beauty is a global sensation, from the epic makeup looks to the extremely flawless looking skin, we can’t help but swoon over Korean celebrities. Although we may think it, all that glowing skin does not always come naturally. With that let’s take a closer look at some beauty secrets from Korean celebrities that can help us all, take a little more care for our own beauty routines.

Our Favorite Beauty Secrets From Korean Celebrities

Skin is Number 1 Always

When it comes to having good makeup, Korean celebrities always know their skin’s condition is the main contributor to a flawless application. The beauty secrets of Korean celebrities seems to always come down to their in-depth skincare routines. Making sure they maintain smooth looking skin with regular exfoliation, deep cleansing, constant hydration and evening moisture care.

Moisture Is The Root To Good Skin

The biggest beauty secrets from Korean celebrities always come down to moisture. Celebrity Lee Sung Kyung stresses how making sure her skin is always well moisturized is the best way to achieve glowing healthy skin. To do so, she partakes in weekly mask treatments as well as ensuring she never misses out on moisturizer. Stressing that having properly moisturized skin results in her radiant makeup applications. So if you’re feeling your makeup is looking less than stellar or even a bit on the cakey side, make sure you’re using a moisturizer both during the day and evening to ensure your skin is at its best.

Get Some Rest

Actress Yoon Eun Hye stresses the importance of getting a good night sleep as being one of the top beauty secrets from Korean celebrities. Getting a proper amount of sleep is essential for the body to maintain it’s health by having the right amount of time it needs to rest, repair and detox. If you’re not already getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night, then do try! You will be surprised how much your health, complexion and mood will improve.

Yes, More Water!

You might be tired of hearing it, but if it’s one of the beauty secrets from Korean celebrities, then that’s just another reminder of how important it actually is. Korean celebrities are always making sure they are well hydrated throughout their busy days. Not only does it help keep them healthy during their stressful schedules, but it also keeps their skin plump and glowing

Brows on Point

Korean celebrities have always been known for their brow game. Celebrities such as Jun Ji Hyun always ensures her brows are at their best right at the beginning of her beauty routine! Her beauty secret? Right after the shower when the eyebrow hairs are still wet, wipe them into place with your fingers to ensure they dry in the direction you want them to be. This is one unique beauty secret that is one for the books!

Skip the Contour!

Wait…what? This is one of the beauty secrets from Korean celebrities that feels against nature itself(if you’re a makeup junkie like myself). Korean Celebrities have always loved the extremely dewy skin look but aside from skincare, they swear by only highlighting. If you want to get that “Korean glow” then next time you do your makeup, skip out on the contour and double reach for that highlighter! On top of that, they recommend using cream or liquid highlighters instead of powder to really get that “dewy glow” that looks natural.

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