BeachBody Skin Secrets You’re Missing Out On!

BeachBody Skin Secrets You're Missing Out On!

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Spring is finally upon us and with the arrival of spring means most of us ladies and even gents start preparing to get beachbody ready! Kicking out booties into gear with regular workouts to have bodies looking on point once beach season arrives.

Now, yes I do admit it is important to have our fitness in check not only for the summer, but all year long. However it also is important to make sure your skin is in good condition along with your fitness. Sure your body may have a goof figure, but if your skin is blotchy, peeling, has dry patches or looking like a dried up powdery raisin, then best believe you certainly are not completely beachbody ready just yet!

So for today’s article I want to share with you all my favorite beachbody prepping skincare routine to make sure your body skin is also ready for this spring and summer bikini season! So let’s not only kick our booties into gear, but also get our skin looking smooth and healthy so we can glow and look absolutely on point!

BeachBody Prepping Routine

Let’s be real, having the perfect skinny body is not always the way to go for a healthy beachbody, so ladies, let’s not dwell on these unrealistic expectations that models and famous instagram accounts give. Photoshop and photography tricks of the lens play a huge part in these images and can lead us to have unrealistic goals. Everyone’s body and genetics are different, but don’t get me wrong, eating healthy and regular physical activity is very important to maintain your optimal health and body. Just don’t hurt yourself to achieve the impossible.

Now, if you don’t already practice healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle with regular activities, then I highly suggest you start, especially if you want to be beachbody ready! For starters, cut the junk and aim for a vegetarian based diet to promote fat loss. Start taking up running or yoga for fat loss to encourage light muscle building and easy fat loss at home. Keep up with it and in no time at all, you will start feeling healthier, stronger and more confident!

Feel Your Best and Look Your Best

Not only is fat loss and toning the body important, but so if the condition of your skin! Healthy looking skin can boost the appearance of a healthy body. Get your body glowing and looking absolutely flawless with these 2 simple and easy body skincare steps.

1. Scrub away dead skin

Dead skin buildup and dry powdery looking skin is not appealing, especially when you’re trying to rock your lately denim shorts or that new bikini. Regular exfoliation on the shower is essential, but how you do it is also very important. If you have dry body skin that has dry powdery patches, then I highly suggest using a powerful yet gentle and moisturizing body scrub. For that I like to use the Jungle Botanics Natural Body Glow Nutshell Scrub. Made from all natural ingredients, this scrub uses natural nutshell granulars to gently and effectively scrub away dead skin buildup while it nourishes the skin with multiple essential oils to leave a velvety layer of lightweight moisture over the skin. Simple scrub in the shower and rinse away for a soft finish that smells like a dream!


2. Moisture from within

As soon as you get out of the shower after your exfoliation, moisturize your skin. After showering is the best time to moisturize as the pores on your body are open and are thirsty for whatever moisture they can get! But doing so may not always feel convenient, especially when body lotions or creams can feel very heavy and sticky after using them. However I recommend using a lightweight fast absorbing lotion that moisturizing deep within the layers of the skin, such as the Klairs Supple Preparation All-Over Lotion! This lotion is completely Vegan friendly, cruelty free, contains no harsh alcohols, free of artificial ingredients, parabens and fragrance! It really is a lovely new launch from the Klairs brand. It contains Ceramides for cell repairing, beta-glucan and hyaluronic acid for deep skin hydration and shea butter and jojoba oil for deep moisture and nourishing and much much more! Not only that, this lotion was specifically designs to be non-comedogenic so you can not only use it on your body, but your face and hair as well!! Crazy right?!


Use this right after you shower for instantly moisturized skin that does not leave any heavy residue to get rid of and prevent tight, dry and powdery looking body and face skin.

Bonus Tip for Fake Tanning

With the above routine, not only will it be great for having your natural skin look amazing, but it also is an excellent prepping routine if you are planning to fake tan! Simple do this routine, wait a few minutes for the moisturizing lotion to absorb then follow up with your favorite fake tan so a perfectly flawless and smooth application!

I hope these beachbody prepping tips will have your body looking absolutely on fleek this upcoming summer season!

BeachBody Skin Secrets You're Missing Out On!

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