BB cream reviews: The No.1 BB Cream in Korea

The No.1 BB Cream in Korea

There are so many BB creams out there now

I always wonder which one is really good and which one I should try or buy! But BB cream reviews are always the most helpful. I’m sure you guys also have a hard time choosing which product to use. So let me introduce you to a Korean BB cream that is really hot right now and has an 80% repurchase rate, [KLAIRS] Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream (BB Cream)! I’ll also share the reviews of the costumers who have actually tried this product and the reasons why they fell in love with it.


Customer Reviews

The No.1 BB Cream in Korea

  • 20years old/combination skin type

I really hate BB creams that are too bright! So I needed something that was natural and it covers my pores and looks really clean and natural! If you use it with a concealer, it’s perfect!

  • 30years old/sensitive and dry skin type

Personally, it was really hard for me to find a BB cream that didn’t make my skin look cakey! I have really sensitive and dry skin so most of the BB creams and air cushions made my skin look so dry. This BB cream is moisturizing! I have a lot of freckles, redness on my cheeks, and also visible pore son my nose. Those were my biggest worries. But it covers all of that and still keeps my face looking moisturized. I thought because the price is so good that it might not be really good but wow! The price is reasonable and it is such a good BB cream! I know why they have 80% repurchase rate!

  • 29years old/dry skin type

For me I have dry skin so the 1st thing I look for in a BB cream is how moisturizing it is and then coverage. It’s excellent on how moisturizing it is and also the way it goes on my skin. But on how well it covers because I have a lot of acne scars, I need to use a concealer together. It has high SPF and it’s really light! It’s a good product to use daily! The amount of the BB cream is amazing also!

  • This is by far the best bb cream I have ever used. I have tried bb creams from Skin79, Missha, Skinfood, Laneige,Etude House,Dr Jart, Lioele, and The Face shop. While I won’t say all that I have tried is terrible because I have found some very good ones;however, Klairs bb cream just beats them all. I love how it’s eco-friendly, paraben free, and no animal testing. As for the performance of this product it lasted me for six hours before I had to retouch my makeup. This is another miracle because my skin can get really oily under makeup. I also like the amount of hydration I get from this bb cream as some of the ones I have tried before can make my skin feel itchy or tight. I would say it gives light/medium coverage but it is buildable without looking cakey and after just two layers it covered all my redness, discoloration, and acne scars. I hate wearing foundation so I am always looking for a good bb cream and this is clearly a winner. Great coverage, lightweight, oil control, moisturizing, and affordable. Above all I just LOVE that it does not make me look gray or sickly like a lot of bb creams can. Thank you so much Klairs and Wishtrend. Fast delivery and amazing sample, keep up the good work.
  • This is really the best bb cream of all I have tried. This doesn’t have grey cast, or it is not too thick, which I love about it. It is moisturizing and truly a multipurpose bb cream, since I sometimes mix it with blush, highlighter or moisturizing cream, depends on what I want. I recommend this product! Only minus is, that I cannot easily get this product to my country, because of the customs restrictions. So I usually try to purchase it when there is a free shipping.
  • This bb cream is the perfect neutral yellow color that isn’t ashy or zombie pink grey. It doesn’t leave your face feeling suffocated and helps cover up some redness around my nose and evens out my skin tone.
  • 5/5 I really recommend this product if you look for a natural look. It is low coverage, what a bb cream should be like, still it’s moisturizing and gives a nice glow to the skin.
  • Delivery time was reasonable, about a week. Item came very well wrapped in bubble wrap. I tried the BB cream out and it’s really amazing! Makes my skin look really smooth and bright



The No.1 BB Cream in Korea

I would have to say that overall, the reviews all said similar compliments and reasons why they fell in love with the BB cream.
Klairs BB cream contains no artificial pigments, no alcohol, no parabens, does no animal testing and is environmentally friendly.

+ No grey cast

+ No dry patch

+ Redness and pores coverage

+ Not cakey

+ SPF40 PA+++

+ Anti-irritation formula

1) Natural and clean skin

[KLAIRS] Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream really is different from other Korean BB creams. Especially the part that they have no grey cast! Many Korean BB creams have grey cast, making the skin look really unnatural. Klairs BB cream is not too thick so it helps to cover blemishes but make sure you keep your natural skin tone. Depending on your skin type, you can use it together with a mat foundation.

2) Doesn’t make your skin cakey even for dry and sensitive skin type/ Moisturizing

It’s a cream type of BB cream so it goes on smoothly for even dry skin types. It gives a natural but healthy glow to make your skin look naturally healthy. It’s mild and thanks to the hypo-allergenic formula, all skin types, even dry skin types can use it without any worries of stimulation.

3) It’s perfect for retouching your makeup

[KLAIRS] Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream covers redness and pores well thanks to Klairs’ special formula. For the parts of the face that needs extra coverage, you can put a second layer on and it goes on smoothly. It doesn’t look too thick or cakey at all.

You can also check out google to check out more reviews of people who have used the BB cream and fell in love with it! It will also help you to answer questions that you guys might have about color choices

The No.1 BB Cream in Korea




The No.1 BB Cream in Korea



  • [KLAIRS]Illuminating Supple Blemish CreamUSD24.99 -> USD22.49
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