If you are struggling with un-pleasant bag under eyes, then you are like many of us who want to get rid of them. Having bags under eyes or dark circles can be a real downer on your day, especially if classmates or coworkers are asking you if you are tired or okay. Trust me, we have all been there and there are a number of causes for unsightly bags under eyes that can be a little fix or a sign for some digger deeping to find the real cause.

Top Causes of Bags under eyes AKA dark circles

1: Lack of Sleep

This is probably the most common cause for bags under the eyes that can also be the easiest to resolve. Simply make a small lifestyle change to sleep earlier at night all whilst making sure you achieve a minimum of 8 hours of sleep time. Maintaining a healthy sleep cycle is the best way to assure you say goodbye to those dark circles.

2: Being Stressed Out

Stress can have many different effects on the body. Not only does it affect our minds, but also our physical health and outward appearance. If you know you get enough rest, yet often feel you are stressed, then that stress might just be the cause of your dark circles. Look into some healthy ways to reduce the stress in your life, or manage it better by incorporating regular physical activity, new hobbies, or even meditation into your life.

3: It runs in the “jeans”

Do any of your parents suffer from constant bags under eyes or any relatives? If yes, then there is a good chance your dark circles are hereditary. These types of bags are permanent and can not be resolved with rest, a good mind and health. However, there are some cosmetic options you can consider if permanent dark circles are taking a toll of your confidence. Consult with a cosmetic surgeon to discuss your option for removal of hereditary dark circles. Otherwise a trusty concealer is your best friend!

4: Fatigue or Illness

If you have ruled out the above causes, then your dark circles could be linked to a cause that is a little more serious and concerning to your wellbeing. Chronic fatigue can be a common medical cause for constant dark circles, Speak to your family physician if you are concerned your dark circles might be caused from chronic fatigue or an underlying medical condition you are still unsure about. Do not delay as all medical and health concerns should not be taken lightly and should always be discussed with a professional.

Recommended Products

*to aid in the appearance of dark circles, bags and loss of firmness for more healthier and happier looking eyes*

Zymogen Fermented Soybean Firming Eye Cream

Powerful anti-aging properties from soybean fermentation aids to deeply nourish and firm the delicate skin around the eyes. Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to plumping the skin to diminish the appearance of dark circles.

Berrisom Placenta Firming Hydro Gel Eye Patch

Intensive firming ingredients work to treat the eye area to reveal a firmer eye area with a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Deep anti-aging properties from placenta work to restore skins youthful appearance, reducing the appearance of dark circles.


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