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Autumn 2016 must have skincare and that is a message loud and clear. As we know the season has almost but changed, we need to make changes to our skincare routine for it to adapt to the changing temperature. In the summers some of us choose to be a little more careless but the season of Fall needs its due share of attention. This is the very season where cooler and stronger winds start blowing across the surface. Our facial skin which lies exposed to the weather starts turning dry with this exposure. Once again when the changing weather is factored  along with pollutants and body oils, there is an increased chance of skin developing ACNE related issues or severe dryness which makes skin look pale and old.

As a part of our understanding towards Autumn 2016 Must Have Skincare, we recommend the following changes to every individual’s skincare routine!

Improve Skin Hydration:

As the cooler weather naturally tends to dry the skin, it would be recommended to provide the skin with sufficient amounts of hydration to ensure the dryness within pores does not cause a clogging. The use of an alcohol free toner in this season is a highly recommended.

Moisture Ladies:

Another very important aspect of hydration is moisturization. The use of a natural face mask or a simple alcohol free moisturizing lotion can provide the skin with an external barrier to combat the harshness of the weather. A good way to moisturize the facial skin is adding a light massage therapy to your weekly skincare routine. This helps to provide the facial skin with healthy nourishment from deep within the pores.


Exfoliation at this time of the year is a YES YES, because how much every we try there would certainly be some amounts of dead skin accumulation within the skin pores and on the skin surface. A gentle and calculate routine including a light round of exfoliation can help you get rid of old and dead external skin. Exfoliation also helps display the younger and fresh skin which lies below the dead skin surface, to make you look healthier and youthful.

The Changing Weather requires a Change in the Products you use:

The Autumn season would require us to move away from the products we use in the summer months where the application of sun guards and sun protection factor is highly recommended. While you can still choose to use Sun Protection in the Fall Season, this is typically based on the weather you experience in your part of the World. However the use of products rich in Vitamins, ones that have moisturizing properties and are made of natural ingredients is highly recommended.

An Example: The food that we consume adversely changes with the change in weather. Just like we eat or drink hot food and drinks in the cooler months and vice verse it is advisable to adopt skincare products which favor both your skin and the requirements of the changing weather.

Be Safe rather than Sorry:

We always recommend you lovely ladies to use products which are safe and certified by product safety authorities.
Today we are going to recommend you some products which will help you keep the adverse effects of the Autumn season away at a safe distance.

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner:

klairs supple preparation facial toner glam

To start off, the Klairs Supple Preparation Toner is ranked as the Best Selling Toner by none other than Glowpick, which is known to provide the most impartial product reviews. This toner is based on a non-irritation formulation and is known to hugely improve and rejuvenate tired skin. The Toner calms sensitive and stressed skin to maintain optimum pH balance and nourish even the most sensitive of skin types. The use of this Toner is known to add a tinge of radiance and glow to ones appearance.

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum:


In terms of skin moisturizing it can’t get better than the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum. This product is specifically formulated to replenish an individual’s skin with the required amounts of moisture. The use of this product can guarantee you radiant and glowing skin throughout the day. This serum creates a hydration barrier which supports the health of one’s skin. The serum is formulated on gentle but concentrated formulation of a rich blend of Organic Complexes which is suited to even the most sensitive of skin types.

I’M From Honey Mask:


This product as we call it is termed as a Blessing from the BEES. The I’M Honey Mask is made from 38.7% Pure Honey which is sources directly from the Jirisan Wolpyeong Village in the Republic of Korea. The product delivers intense moisturization deep within the skin and is based on a non-sticky formulation. This is an all in one product as it targets dry, flaky and stressed skin to replenish it with radiance and elasticity to ensure the end user peace of mind. Finally being so close to its natural formulation the use of this product is suited to all types of skin, especially sensitive skin.

ByWishtrend Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Mask Sheet:


Autumn Season 2016 Must Have Skincare, is the theme of the day and the Wishtrend Natural Vitamin Mask is what can be ideally referred to as the theme bearer. Each Mask contains a composition of 10.5% Vitamin E and 11% Pure Vitamin C. The application of this mask can work wonders for facial skin. The use of this mask can maximize the results of skin whitening, moisturizing, calming and anti-ageing. The best feature of this product is the fact that its usage is absolutely safe as this product is free of Artificial Colors, Artificial Perfumes, Mineral Oil, Surfactants, and Parabens etc.


So Ladies let’s make sure we all work to adopt this seasons theme “Fall Season 2016 Must Have Skincare”. We should understand change is the way of life and we accepting and adopting this change is the only solution to our skin issues.


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