At Home Acne Scar Treatment

For sensitive skin that break out often, using artificial products to get rid of the acne scars can have a worse effect. Also, even if we put on acne products but it doesn’t soak into our skin well then it wont have such a great effect on our skin.

The important things when choosing the product for your acne scar are to look for a product that can help with the restoration of the new cells so that it can fasten the time for your scars to lighten, help you break out less, or products that can help you with your other pimples also. So for our solution, we chose products that is based with natural and plant ingredients that is excellent for troubled skin, products that is also great for moisturizing and restoring your skin and also that soak well into your skin.

Now, let me introduce you to the effective acne scar treatment that you can do at home.

Acne Scar treatment

at home acne scar treatment

1. [KLAIRS] Supple Preparation Facial Toner
: For the first step of Day & Night Care


Now, you guys probably all know the natural ingredients Hyaluronic Acid and Beta Glucan, which is outstanding for moisturizing and this is in the toner. Also, Phyto-Oligo, Sentela Extracts, Licorice Extracts are all natural ingredients that help to calm your sensitive and tired skin.

Because it is products based with natural ingredients, it doesn’t stimulate your skin at all and gives your skin the healthy balance that it needs so it’s great for sensitive, dry, and even oily skin types that lack moisture. In Korea, the costumers who have tried it have fallen in love with it so the toner has been always sold out so they are continuously making more and more.

The moisture level is really excellent so for people with really oily skin, even just with this toner, you can finish your basic skin care steps. And it soaks deep into your skin without any stickiness or shininess. Another great tip is, you can also use it as a moisturizing pack by soaking the toner with cotton puffs and putting it on your face.

2.  [COSRX] Centella Blemish Cream
: For improving both of acne and acne scars at day & night.

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Centella Asiatica Leaf Water and Tea tree leaf oil which are natural ingredients excellent for acne care is in here. It helps to reduce acne and also acne scars without any stimulation. Not only that, different natural ingredients also helps to get rid of the waste and sebum from our pores which helps to prevent acne. It also normalizes excess sebum so it helps to form a natural protective layer for your skin. The main ingredient, Centella Asiatica, is an amazing ingredient for acne scars and also pore scars. It fastens Collagen to form so it gives elasticity to your pores, also tightens them as well. It’s also outstanding for preventing wrinkles because it fastens restoration of your cells.

It’s really soft like an ointment and it’s chewy texture is filled with not oiliness but with moisture. It’s also soaks well into your skin. After toner or lotion, put this product on, on the parts that you get a lot of dead skin, excess sebum, you break out over and over again, or your acne scars. Put a thin layer on and let it soak in. As soon as you put it on, it forms a protective layer and cares for your troubled skin.

3. [C20] Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum
: For the key step of night care. Use it before lotion and cream.

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I’m sure a lot of you guys wanted to try this and had a lot of questions about this product. I can proudly say that this product is the best out of all the Vitamin C products that’s out there. Like I told you last time, at Wishtrend, for 3 years, C20 has been the best selling item, and this product is the premium version. The key ingredient of this product which is Vitamin C, helps with whitening and restoration of your skin and it also is the ingredient that will give you shiny and flawless skin.

With technical skills that only C20 has, they have put in 21.5% of Vitamin C in safely. It also has upgraded how well it can soak into your skin so you can see results faster. Natural moisturizing ingredients were also added and 70% of Hippophae Rhamnoides Water was added instead of water to give us rich moisture. Compare to how upgraded the functions are, it is not sticky compare to other Vitamin C products.

Put on C21.5 on your face and make sure it soaks in well using your palms. It’s Paraben free and it doesn’t have any chemical ingredients or harmful elements. However, because It is a highly concentrated Vitamin C product, for sensitive skin types, if you put it on by itself, it may sting a little. I want to recommend that you use Klairs toner and C21.5 serum together at the ratio of 2:1 or 3:1.

4. [I’M FROM] Vitamin Tree Watergel & Mask
: For the both of moisturizing and whitening of Day & Night. Use it after toner or serum.


You guys all have heard that Green Tea is excellent for our skin right? The reason is because of the ingredient Catechin in Green Tea. This is a natural ingredient so it doesn’t have any side effects, prevents aging, is great for whitening and is an effective ingredient to give you healthy and shiny skin. The leaf of a Vitamin Tree has more amount of Catechin than a Green Tea leave has.

You guys probably all experienced this but sometimes, without any reason, your skin feels dry, red, swollen and turns sensitive. The main reason is because harmful elements that builded up in our skin. Also, you can’t get rid of these harmful elements easily by washing well or exfoliating.

The main ingredient of this gel cream, Vitamin Tree, has 5 times more Vitamin E than Lemons, 200 times more Vitamin C than Apples, and has more than 400 different natural nutrients so not only does it calm your skin that has been stimulated but it helps to push out all the harmful elements in your skin.

This product has 70% of Vitamin Tree leaf water in it to give you rich moisture and also helps to lighten the acne scars thanks to the Vitamin Tree’s whitening effect. It’s antioxidant function purifies our skin and gives life back into our skin. Not to mention that it’s excellent to balance our oil and moisture balance so it prevents our skin from breaking out more.

I want to recommend it for oily skin types with excess sebum, people with sensitive skin that needs to carefully choose their products, and also to dry skin types that feel like no matter what they put on, it still feels dry.

5. [COSRX] Acne Pimple Master Patch
: For preventing from acne scarring & healing popped pimples.

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After you pop your pimple, you can prevent getting scars with this must have item, [COSRX] Acne Pimple Master Patch!
How does this product prevent your skin from scarring? Check out here.

How to use

If you have chosen the right product, then it is important to have the right routine so you can see the best effect of the product.

1. Oily Skin

Day :  [Klairs] Toner → [Cosrx] Centella Cream (Whole Face) → [I’m From] Vitamin Gel Cream → [Lei Lani] Sun Block
Night : [Klairs] Toner → [C20] C21.5 Serum → [Cosrx] Centella Cream (Whole Face) → [I’m From] Gel Cream

2. Dry Skin

Day :  [Klairs] Toner → [Cosrx] Centella Cream (Partial use) → [I’m From] Vitamin Gel Cream → [Lei Lani] Sun Block
Night : [Klairs] Toner → [C20] C21.5 Serum → [I’m From] Gel Cream → [Cosrx] Centella Cream (Partial use) → [I’m From] Gel Cream (1 more layer)

3. Sensitive Skin

Day :  [Klairs] Toner → [I’m From] Vitamin Gel Cream → [Cosrx] Centella Cream (Partial use) → [Lei Lani] Sun Block
Night : [Klairs] Toner → [Klairs] Toner + [C20] C21.5 Serum  (Mix,2:1 or 3:1) → [I’m From] Gel Cream → [Cosrx] Centella Cream (Partial use)

4. Normal to Combination Skin

Day :  [Klairs] Toner → [Cosrx] Centella Cream (Partial use) → [I’m From] Vitamin Gel Cream → [Lei Lani] Sun Block
Night : [Klairs] Toner → [C20] C21.5 Serum → [I’m From] Gel Cream → [Cosrx] Centella Cream (Partial use)

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I'm not a doctor or an expert! But I really have used these products and wanted to share some of the awesome products and tips that I love and have actually worked for me! Thanks for reading^.~ and God Bless You!