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As we start our conversation today, we would focus primarily on how annoying acne can get. Well to be honest looking at yourself in the mirror with an ACNE affected face can be demotivating enough but someone snubbing you for the same can only make things as bad as it could. People with Acne are often soft targets, in terms of causal commenting by a friend or a relative. At times, people tend to poke fun based on one’s appearance and go a tad further to mention some horrible things, which you as an individual really don’t want to listen (but end up hearing).

Simple references like the below can just turn your day into a Bad One:

  • Did you wash your face today
  • Did you have a bath
  • You should wash your face more
  • I’M so lucky to have Clear Skin, you should do something about yours (a friend telling you)
  • You need to see a Dermatologist
  • What happened to your face
  • Is that a pimple I see, don’t worry it is almost invisible (a friend telling you)
  • Why don’t you pop that pimple
  • Eat less of chocolate and junk

The above are some of the most commonly encountered annoying acne phrases, as we call it. Well ladies if you suffering from an out brake of ACNE and don’t want make thing worse for yourself by getting to hear these above references. Why don’t you resort to a skin care routine which can help you get rid of ACNE troubles and portray a radiant and confident look in the process?

Now if you are looking for a solution for ACNE related issues and want to put an end to those annoying acne rants. We have for you some product based recommendations which can form an ideal inclusion in a Daily Facial Skin Care Routine.

The products recommended are safe for oral application and are certified to use on all types of skin (Even the most sensitive of skin types).

Klairs Mochi BB Cushion:


The Klairs Mochi BB Cushion is made up of natural ingredients and provides long-lasting coverage which fights sweat and oil all day to keep your skin refreshed and healthy. The Mochi BB Cushion is filled with a balm type product and is ideally suited to seal skin pores from accumulating external factors such as dirt and dust, which combines with body oils to form Sebum. The product is known to neutralize redness on skin surface and correct skin color to rid skin of dullness and make it appear bright and radiant in the process.

Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid:


The Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid gets you the flawless skin you have always wanted and rightly deserve. This is an exfoliating liquid which seeps deep within skin pores to rid them of Sebum accumulation, if any. This process fights off any redness or blemishes you have drawn upon yourself as a result of ACNE. With clear skin pores and your face appearance appears flawless and graceful like never before. This is one very highly recommended product for any individual who is looking to fight ACNE or is fed of listening to annoying acne related comments.

Zymogen Centella Ferment Cream:


This product is a perfect Antioxidant which is extremely effective in removing traces of scars and pimples. The Zymogen Centella Ferment Cream also provides a moisture barrier to keep your facial skin sufficiently hydrated and nourished. The product is made up of Asiatica Seeds which facilitate healthy skin recovery from ACNE and helps reverse the signs of pre-mature ageing in the form of wrinkles. The constant use of this product can not only make your skin healthier but add a tinge of youth towards your appearance.

In terms of a Daily Skin Care Routine the combined use of these three products could do wonders towards transforming you facial appearance. There are people who suffer from a lot of eve teasing only because of their unhealthy habits and lifestyle. So why do you give people a chance to have a go at you or poke fun at you. Simply caring for yourself and adopting a healthy lifestyle can prevent you from landing in this sort of a situation.


So Ladies, when do you plan to start off with your skin care routine? If you probably still thinking, I suppose the answer is right away.



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