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It’s Bronwyn here today to give some simple and helpful acne skincare tips to those with combination skin. Managing acne isn’t easy, I personally know this best as a fellow acne sufferer. However over the years I have learned how to manage acne for my ever changing skin types, which floats between combination and dry. So let me help your skin become healthier and stronger against acne with these simple tips. But first lets take a deeper look into combination skin types.

What is Combination Skin?


Combination skin is exactly how it sounds, a skin type with multiple skin types within it. Combination skin comes in many different “combos”, most commonly being oily and normal.

  • Oily/Normal – This combo generally has oily skin around the t-zone area with normal skin around the outer areas of the face. Making the t-zone the area of concern.
  • Oily/Dry – Similar to the above, this combo has an oily t-zone with dry skin around the outer areas of the face.
  • Normal/Dry – This combo has normal skin on the t-zone and dry skin around the outer areas. This skin combo can experience sensitivity also.
  • Combination/Sensitive – This combo can have any of the above combinations while also being sensitive.
  • Combination/Acne Prone – This combo can have any of the above combinations and also be acne prone.
  • Combination/Sensitive/Acne prone – This combo can have any of the above combos while also being sensitive and acne prone. Essentially the most difficult to manage skin type.

You may be thinking, all these combinations are crazy and there is no way people actually have some of these, but it is true. I personally am stuck with the worst being combination/sensitive/acne prone and trust me, it is just as complex as it sounds.

Acne Skincare & Managing Combination Skin

Managing combination skin isn’t always easy and isn’t something you can always easily figure out quickly. With combination skin, it is important to take your time with skincare and slowly introduce new items 1-2 at a time. For example, going to a cosmetic counter and purchasing the entire skincare line from a single brand is most certainly the most risky thing your can do. As finding the product that “actually” works and “doesn’t” work can be next to impossible.

My tip, it to start slow and try 1 new product at a time. Combination skin types usually have 1 thing in common, dehydration.

Dehydration is Your Worst Enemy

Dehydrated skin can be the underlying cause to other skin conditions such as sensitivity and believe it of not, acne. When the skin becomes dehydrated it can cause the skin to react in multiple negative ways such as:

  • Over produce oil to compensation for dehydration = Oily Skin
  • Become dry skin that flakes and peels = Dry Skin = Sensitive Skin
  • Create enlarged pores which can collect dirt and oil = Acne Prone
  • Once skin is dry, dead skin collects and the protective layer is destroyed = Acne Prone = Sensitive

As you can see in the quick summarization, dehydration can lead so many more issues then just dehydration. Which is why it is important to stop all these issues from their source, dehydrated skin.

Rehydrating Your Skin

It all started with adding hydration back to your skin. And what better way to do it then by adding simple and natural hydration. I recommend using gentle products that target combination skin types, allowing the skin to calm down and heal itself.

I suggest trying the I’M FROM Vitamin Tree Water Gel. This gentle and natural hydrating gel contains vitamin tree extracts which will provide your skin with the calming nutrition it needs to keep it healthy and fresh. It also contains natural sourced Hyaluronic Acid which provides 1000x it’s own molecular weight in water (hydration) so your skin can be rehydrated from within. Resolving your combination skin concerns.


Now that your skin is rehydrated, I also recommend detoxifying it of all the junk that may have collected while it was in poor condition. I suggest trying the I’M FROM Vitamin Tree Mask. This mask as you probably guessed is the Water Gels partner in skincare. Made with a highly concentrated amount of Vitamin Tree Leaf Extracts and other beneficial ingredients, this natural mask will detox the skin and add nutrition. Allowing your skin the chance to absorb large amount of antioxidants and hydration, making the skin healthier, stronger and allowing it to glow!


BONUS TIP:  Daily care for dehydrated skin is essential. Make sure you apply hydrating gel twice a day morning and night after cleansing. Not only skincare, but diet is also important, make sure to drink plenty of water daily to assist in keeping your skin and body hydrated.




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