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I have adult acne, yes I do, so for me it was very important to find the perfect acne cream . I think I have tried over 40-50 different acne creams and went through numerous amount of different acne treatments to get rid of my acne. As much as I hate it, I finally know now after 5 years, that I can not get rid of it completely. But after dealing with this stress for 5 years, I’ve finally realized that it is possible to somewhat control acne! The main secrets that I found for myself are:

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    Find the RIGHT acne cream for you
    This is so very important but very difficult. Like I said I tried so many acne creams and some acne creams that didn’t fit me made me break out like crazy. This kinda discourages you and makes you scared to continue with the discovery for the right acne cream. BUT GUYS! We can not give up. Because at the end, when you find the right one it is going to be so much worth it. It’s not the expensive ones that work, it’s not the popular ones that work, it may be but you guys have to try many acne creams to find the right one for you! So I wanted to introduce you to acne creams that have ACTUALLY WORKED for me.
     -Circacle Red Spot Cream (Red Spot Healing Cream) Acne Cream

    acne cream

    Acne scar treatment product in Korea, 98 percent of customers said “Excellently Satisfied”! You can see fast results from just this little container. Brings your skin back to looking smooth and even. Ciracle believes that every scar can be healed. This cream is best used as a night treatment. The texture is creamy and sometimes can be a little too heavy under makeup. Try to avoid mixing with other products. Every acne cream that I introduce can be used on sensitive skins, like I said so many times, I have SUPER,DUPER,SENSITIVE SKIN. Suitable for any skin type, especially great for sensitive skin to use because of how gentle it is on the skin.
     -ENCA Acne Control Sun Cream

    acne cream sunblock

    You know that acne is irritated by heat so it is so important for you to protect your skin from the sun especially for your acne. This product protects the skin from both UVA and UVB rays that people are exposed in outdoor activity. This double-shield is an anti-aging benefactor that provides both nutrients and moisture at the same time. Also, it is water-proof with mild and light texture and it works great on sensitive skin also.

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    Exercising regularly
    Well duh! This is a no brainer right? And I’ve heard it so many times but I have never SEEN it work so I didn’t really think that this can make a BIG difference. BUT! I started going to my yoga class for a whole month for 1 hour everyday from Monday-Friday and really by the end of the month, I felt that I break out less. This is for free guys so please try it out! I thought sweating is bad because it causes heat to my face and it will make me break out more but I did hot yoga and sometimes healing yoga everyday and really this changed everything for me also. I really want to recommend this! Whatever exercise you do, just try to sweat it out! You gotta sweat it out and get all the waste out from your body! Just try it!
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    Sleep Facing the Wall
    -If you sleep on your belly, the idea of sleeping on your back might seem impossible, but when you sleep on your belly, your face is constantly exposed to the oils that have rubbed onto the pillow from your hair and face. If you sleep on your back, the oils from your hair stay on your hair; not your face. If you sleep on your belly, you might also have the tendency to bring your hands up to your face, which is another habit that causes pimples.
  • D
    Don’t Eat Cheese and Milk!
    Don’t eat so much junk food! Of course this is not good for your body and yes it can cause you to break out! But cheese?! Milk?! Why?! Isn’t milk and other dairy products good for the body, providing essential vitamins and minerals and calcium? The truth is that processed milk and dairy products do more harm than good to your body in general. And this is especially true for your skin. So for those who are obsessed with milk and cheese, I know it’s tough but try to cut down and just for 1 month try it and I guarantee you can see results.
  • E
    Don’t Stress(This one is kinda tricky)
    Well duh! I’ve heard this so many times but yes it is almost impossible for us to not stress! Just by thinking about my pimples, I start stressing so I think the best way is to just accept it and try my best to control it as much as I can and try my best to get rid of the redness and scars! And I guess leave the rest! Thank God for acne cream and concealers ;)
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I'm not a doctor or an expert! But I really have used these products and wanted to share some of the awesome products and tips that I love and have actually worked for me! Thanks for reading^.~ and God Bless You!