6 Tips for getting Silky Hair

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We all want our hair to look silky and long, the perfect depiction of good looking hair on a lady is straight, long and silky. Now the factors around us play a pivotal role in our hair loosing its natural essence. Well consider whether both the summers and winters have their effect on your hair. You would be in for a rude shock to find out extreme exposure to sunlight causes the hair to lose its hydration. Similarly the cold weather is naturally dry and is responsible for hair loosing its natural texture. Now you all look after our facial skin by applying a sunscreen in the summers or a moisturizing cream in the winters. Similarly, our silky hair can do wonders to highlight our overall appearance. So if you are looking to maintain your hair and ensure it appears like silk strands it is important for you to constantly nurture it and insure it is hydrated all the year long.

Tips to achieve Silky Hair

1.       Use the Correct Shampoo.

We all use shampoos but have you ever thought of the fact that your shampoo might be responsible for your hair turning dry. It is very important for an individual to choose the shampoo as per the requirement of your hair. If you have dry hair, you need to take an alcohol free shampoo and resort to using a shampoo rich in moisturizer properties. Using a moisturizer loaded shampoo will ensure your hair appears silky and rejuvenated all year round.

2.       Condition your hair constantly.

It is very important for us to nurture our hair if we are looking for the best results. A weekly dose of hair conditioning can just do the trick. You would firstly need to identify a hair treatment rich in oil’s, or a hair conditioner including moisturizer or protein. If you find a product having all the three; all the better, the above ingredients help to strengthen hair and rejuvenate them naturally to highlight a bunch of silky hair for you carry. You could also consider egg yoke or mayonnaise which has excellent conditioning and moisturizing properties.

3.       How you brush your hair?

Do you know the primary cause of hair fall is brushing your hair hard and incorrectly or using the wrong tool? Firstly, you need to use a soft brush (keep in mind you are not mowing your lawn you are looking after your body growth), secondly brush your hair gently and finally brush long and right till the end. Brushing your hair is ideally suited to removing dust particles and it helps in circulation of vital minerals from the scalp right till the hair ends. This is like a circulation process, also remember to use a wide toothed hair brush; as it prevents unnecessary hair fall which can be completely avoided.

4.       How do you dry your hair?

With all the equipment available now a days, we can shape our hair in a matter of minutes. However, scientifically the hair irons or blow driers should be only used when absolutely deemed necessary. The above mentioned equipment or tools are responsible for hair drying up and loosing vital hydration. To maintain silky hair it is important to keep the drying process as natural as possible. Use the towel to soak all the excess water and only light blow dry if required.

5.       What you eat is what you get.

As the saying goes, “what you eat is what you get”, one can understand the importance of a balanced diet. It is important to eat a mix of food rich in all vitamins (A, B, C, D & K), proteins etc. Your diet should include dairy, greens, fruits, vegetables, leafy vegetables, grains, pulses and healthy fats. Peppers, cucumbers, apples, potatoes, eggs and whole wheat grain should be an essential part of one’s daily diet.

6.       Essence your hair.

For this you could choose an oil which is typically suited for hair treatment of rejuvenation or a hair essence including protein. Oil is naturally hydrating and it provides your scalp and roots with the natural essence, it requires to look healthy. And the hair essence including enriched protein & panthenol will give a hair protection and deep repairing effect for rough and dried hair. For silky hair could choose any of the following essence; sandalwood, rosewood, olive, tea tree, lemon, lavender, rosemary, CamelliaArgan in an oil extract formation and watch your hair getting the natural flow you have always wanted.

Well, these remedies can help if the damage is limited, but if you are having serious trouble with hair fall, dryness and hair becoming thin- Consult a doctor, you would surely need to increase your Vitamin A and iodine consumption; once again based on your doctors prescription. Hope this article would be helpful!

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