5 Skincare Secret’s for Summer (Hot Weather)

5 Skincare Secret's for Summer (Hot Weather)

As a Wish Trender, we all should know that we should change our skin care routine each season, right?

In Korea, summer is the beginning of hot weather and extreme humidity. Because of the hot weather, our sweat and oil can make our skin look greasy and shiny, so people often abbreviate their skin care routine. The research says that our skin can get even more dry over summer than winter. Why would that be?  First, the strong ultraviolet radiation from the sun can effect the moisture on our face, making our inner skin become more dry. Also, as you wipe the sweat off your face, you are wiping away your skins protection layer. Lastly, the use of air conditioning, fans and showering often can make our skin dull and dry over the summer.

For those of you who are worried about how to take care of your skin, I will tell you know some summer skincare secret’s and products for summer skincare. All this information will be useful to those who live in a hot and humid climates similar to Korea.

5 Skincare Secret's for Summer (Hot Weather) 5 Skincare Secret's for Summer (Hot Weather)


1st Skincare Secret. Cleansing

Washing your face right when you received heat can be harmful to our skin. First, wash your face with cold water to cool off the heat, and then cleanse your face. What would be a good foam cleanser that can protect your son from the heat? As I said before, there can be sweat and oil outside, and dryness inside, we should use a cleanser that has sebum and water balance. Makeups, sweat, blackheads, and pores can easily cause blemishes and acne during summer so you should use a foam type of cleanser that can cleanse your face softly. I will suggest you a great summer cleanser.

5 Skincare Secret's for Summer (Hot Weather)

2nd Skincare Secret. Exfoliating

Like I said before, exfoliating is extremely important because of pores and sweat by the hot weather. But attempting to exfoliate with peeling gel product and scrubbing product, it can worsen and weaken your skin so it’s better to avoid those types of product. This product can be easily used by applying on your face before bed, and while you are asleep, the product can melt all the blackheads. This will make your skin texture soft and even the next day, and help your makeup apply evenly and perfectly. Other products are not developed well enough that it can have defects to your skin. This exfoliation cream is a perfect summer skincare secret product and I definitely recommend it.

5 Skincare Secret's for Summer (Hot Weather)

3rd Skincare Secret. Cool Sheet Mask

One of the best solution to cooling down your skin after heat and UV radiation is face mask. For me, I would put couple of face mask in the fridge. After washing my face, I would do toner and essence, and then put on a face mask at every other day. It  is a perfect way to cool down your face and calm you skin.

5 Skincare Secret's for Summer (Hot Weather)

4th Skincare Secret. Mist and light lotion !

Due to the hot weather in summer, dehydration can cause lack of moisture in your face, so you have to drink water very often. Also, there’s a face mist that can cool down your hot and tired skin. After removing the oil with oil blotting paper, use the mist all over your face often to provide cooling affect to your face. This mist has natural aloe ingredients that benefits sensitive skin, helping it to cool down and keep it fresh. This is one of summer skincare secret product!

I bet a lot of your guys are wondering how and what to start your makeup during the day in summer, right? During summer, it is the best to keep your makeup light, but to make sure that it doesn’t get dull, you always need moisture on your face. After washing my face, I would put this mist on a cotton pad along as a toner and then I would put on a lotion to keep my skin bright and fresh. After that, I would put on a sunscreen.

5 Skincare Secret's for Summer (Hot Weather)

5th Skincare Secret. UV Protection

All of you guys should know that it is VERY important to put on sun protection every single day. UV radiation is one of the reasons why our skin is breaking out and darkening,  so protecting yourself from the sun is number one step to skincare secret. So, what kind of sun protecting product should we use? First, we should all avoid sticky and oily type because it would cause our makeup to look heavy due to the sweat and the sunscreen. Also, we should check the amount of SPF and PA and make sure we are using the right product with UVA and UVB protection. I would recommend this UV protecting product because it can work as a great makeup base, protect yourself from the sun, and have brightening affect to our face. This sun protector also has fresh texture, so I really recommend it to everyone. Lastly, the SPF is high enough to keep you protected when you go outdoor activities.

This is all the summer skincare secret tips!
If you have any questions, leave me a comment down below :)

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5 Skincare Secret's for Summer (Hot Weather)

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