5 essential tips for stretch marks


5 essential tips for stretch marks

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The weather’s becoming hotter and we are showing more skin! I’m sure a lot of us are really stressed to show our cellulite and stretch marks! Since we need to wear our bikinis, we need to get rid of our stretch marks right? If you haven’t checked out our video, “How to Get Rid of Cellulite at Home,” please check it out! We had many request for a video about stretch marks so today I will be introducing 5 essential tips for stretch marks. And also the causes and how to massage stretch marks so keep tuning in!

1st essential tip, the cause of stretch marks

We can get stretch marks by gaining a lot of weight suddenly or getting taller suddenly. Usually we can get stretch marks during our adolescence and when we are pregnant. Even if you are young, it’s natural to gain stretch marks due to those causes. Any form of steroid use can increase your chances of developing stretch marks and even if you lack blood circulation in your body. So, do you think you can get rid of stretch marks if you lose weight? Sadly, you can’t. So it is very important for you do prevent them from getting worse.

2nd essential tip, preventing stretch marks

One of the great ways to get rid of your stretch marks depends on your daily habits. It’s important to not wear extremely tight clothes that can block the circulation of blood, and also it’s important to keep your weight similar to your current weight. It’s hard to get rid of stretch marks that have already formed so it’s the best to prevent them. To prevent stretch marks, it is the best to maintain your current weight; fast weight gain releases hormones in your body that can cause stretch marks.

The best way to get rid of stretch marks is to take care of it when it first forms. Before our stretch marks turn white from blue, it is easier to get rid of them. If you have noticed your stretch marks in the beginning, it’s important to put on a sufficient amount of moisturizer and put on vitamin restoration ointment. This can help the restoration of Collagen fiber and  take care of the stretch marks in the beginning steps, then you can get rid of them.

3rd essential tip, taking care of redish stretch marks

Let me introduce you to some products that you can use in the beginning steps to take care of your stretch marks. Because stretch marks are categorized as a type of skin disease, it doesn’t go away easily but if you continuously take care of them by putting on these products you can make it better if you have blue stretch marks.


1st product: Multi- oil

5 essential tips for stretch marks

Teenagers, women who are pregnant and even men can use this. You can use this oil on your body, hair, face and even your feet. It’s in a huge size, it’s not sticky and afterwards it feels very light. It’s very moisturizing with honey and natural ingredients such as MuruMuru Seed Butter(discontinued). Because this oil has been discontinued, we now recommend a much better and high quality body oil that is designed to target stretch marks! Lei Lani’s Body Massage Oil is a cocktail of essential oils that provide the best results for those who want to calm sore muscles, nourish the skin and prevent and reduce stretch marks.


2nd product: Vitamin E that has a great effect on restoration

5 essential tips for stretch marks

Vitamin E prevents skin damage and protects your skin to make it moisturized and glowing. There is an ingredient that is 100 times better than natural Vitamin E to protect you from the sun. The texture is very soft. All you have to do is put the vitamin cream on your stretch marks. You can also use this for the face.


3rd product: Cream for stretch marks

5 essential tips for stretch marks

The main ingredients are shay butter, jojoba seed oil, macadamia seed oil, and Vanistryl. These are all ingredients that are excellent for moisturizing. The texture is very soft and it’s a cream. It soaks into your skin fast and the scent is really mild and not too strong. I want to recommend it for those of you who want to prevent skin damage and make your skin smoother and healthier. You can use it in the morning, after your shower, put it on your stomach, thighs, breast and the parts of the body you want to use.

4th essential tip, Manage stretch marks with laser treatments

If your stretch marks have become white from the blue ones, then it’s too late to get rid of them at home by just using products. If you have white stretch marks, I want to recommend laser treatment. It will differ from every spa or clinic, but usually it costs about $1000 dollars for 5 treatments.

It is expensive but you can see the effect after 3-5 treatments. They put on anesthesia ointment then it doesn’t hurt as much. Depending on every person, it takes about 30 minutes for the treatment and right after, it’s fine to go back to your daily life. Usually they do about 5 treatments in 2 week. It is quite expensive so it’s better that we prevent them!

5th essential tip, How to massage

Last, I want to introduce to you a massage that will be great to do with the products that I’ve introduced to you today.

Put sufficient amount of the product on your palm and centering your bellybutton, make a circle. Then, lightly pinch to stimulate. For your thighs and butt, massage upward like you are brushing up. After, pinch it lightly to stimulate it.

I hope that this can help you to get to know more about stretch marks and I hope it can help you to get rid of them also!




5 essential tips for stretch marks


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