Hello beautiful people and welcome to an article that is going to discuss our most annoying skin issue, clogged pores. Yes that’s correct, the most common skin issue for teens and young adults ranging from age 14-30 is clogged pores. We all have been there at some point in our lives, leading us to search for reasons why our pores have become regularly clogged and how we can unclog them. Well loves, today I will be sharing the top 3 reason why our pores get clogged, and how you can unclog them!

1: Poor Hygiene

This reason is the leading cause for those with clogged pores who do not partake in a proper skincare routine. Poor hygiene of the skin can cause clogged pores for all ages, simply being that you are not properly cleansing your skin. Proper cleansing is important to reduce clogged pores, simply make sure you cleanse morning and night. In the morning, use a gentle foam cleanser or micellar water. In the evening make sure you use an oil cleanser to remove makeup, then follow up with a foam cleanser or Micellar water to make sure all residue is removed.

2: Dehydrated / Dry Skin

Oh yes you read that right. Although many believe that having clogged pores always has to do with having oily & dirty skin, the matter can actually be farther from the truth. Having dehydrated and dry skin can easily lead to clogged pores, simply being because the pores are so tight that they cannot breath. With pores being too dry and tight, our skins natural oils easily become trapped as they are unable to exit the pore opening, resulting in a build up of solidified oils within the pores. This common results in closed comedones under the skin, blackheads and a bumpy skin texture. Resolving this is simple, make sure you properly moisturize and hydrate the skin day and night! Restoring balance to your skin is important to prevent clogged pores.

3: Not Exfoliating

I was surprised when I first discovered not everyone partakes in regular skin exfoliation, and boy does it show. Exfoliating the skin regularly is extremely important as it allows the pores to breathe. Not only that, it makes the skin look brighter, less dull and more even while removing bad skin texture. If you don’t have dry skin, properly cleanse yet still have clogged pores, then you just might not be exfoliating enough. Make sure you exfoliate with a peeling gel or sugar scrub at least once a week to remove dead skin cell build up to keep the pores clear of blockages. If your pores are still becoming clogged, bump it up to two times a week. Something our skins natural turn over rate is slower than it should be, making is necessary for some to exfoliate more regularly than others.

That’s it! The top 3 reasons why we get clogged pores! It really is a lot more simple than you may think. If you practice proper skincare and pay close attention to your skin type and concerns, then clogged pores can easily be treated. Of course sometimes other factors can come into play. Drinking plenty of water daily, cutting down on alcohol intake and eating a healthy diet can have a huge impact on improving your skins health as well. So stay healthy and practice good skincare habits and you will quickly see an improvement!



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