3 DIY Face Mask for 3 Skin Concerns

Everything ‘DIY’, everything ‘at home’ is on the trend now. It seems like there is nothing that we cannot make at home and the list goes on. And among the list, of course, we have skin care products and maybe one of the handiest but easiest category would be creating your own DIY face mask! And among many types of face mask we know, cream sheet masks are definitely grabbing huge attention especially because of the creamy texture it has giving that comforting feeling onto the skin.

When we here the word DIY face mask, it sounds very simple and easy but I would like to say that it’s true but only when you know the proper skincare ingredients and the right products to see an effective result. So I have prepared a guideline for you to start creating your own cream type DIY face mask that will work wonders for your skin and that you cannot live without making your own.

Then How Do we Start?

1. Know Your Skin Type and Concern

Always, start with knowing what your skin concern is. What type of skin type you have, what skin concern are you most worried about and is willing to solve? It’s important to know your skin type first before figuring out your concern because different ingredients and products can work differently according to different skin types. If you know what your skin type is, look into your skin more in details and listen carefully what it’s asking for. Is it the moisturizing? Is it the brightening? Is it the calming? Or is it the anti-aging? Or is it all three of them?

2. What Ingredients Will Work for You?

Alright, now you know what you have to work with, it is time to figure out what ingredients you will mix and match to make that perfect DIY face mask. Mixing different ingredients is so much fun and it feels like as if you are playing with ingredients as a chef. When you mix appropriate ingredients in the right way, it will even boost the effectiveness of each of the mixed ingredient, however, always be aware of what you are mixing because if ingredients that clash or does not work well together, it will not only be a waste of product but can also irritate your skin. We will no go in too deep with the do mix and the don’t mix of the ingredients today because it will be a whole another full page article.  But if you are interested to see a video about the do mix and the don’t mix for the ingredient Vitamin C click here to check out.

3. Get Ready with the Perfect Products 

Now it’s time to get all the right products ready to start making your own DIY face mask. What’s great is that you don’t actually need many products to make your own DIY face mask but you simply need 4 selection of products. With 3 basics and 1 selection of product that will directly work to solve your skin concern.

3 basic items to create your own cream type DIY face mask are…

nice textured cotton pads: which will work as the sheet for the face mask
mild and gentle toner: which will enhance the absorption rate of the cream face mask and improve blending of the products
hydrating and non-sticky cream: which will turn the texture more creamy and add hydrating

+ 1 selection of product of your choice to solve your skin concern 

: And 1 selection of your choice can vary from cream type product to serum type product as long as it includes the appropriate ingredient and can target your skin concern.


Finally! Time to mix all the prepared products, dip the cotton pads, and to paste them well onto your face. It’s better to show you the tutorials than to explain it from here, so if you want to check out the detailed tutorial, click the video below!

 3 DIY Face Mask for Brightening, Calming & Anti-Aging

Click the image for 3 basics you only need to make your own DIY face mask


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