3 different makeup looks with a BB cream

They yall! Today, I wanted to share this fun look I did for a video! My friends and I did 3 different makeup looks, retro chic, punk chic, and club chic! I did of course the club chic look for my makeup. This 2015 Fall makeup look so I hope you guys like it and check out the video too!

  1. Retro Chic


3 different makeup looks with a BB cream

First is the retro chic look that our fashion diva Wendy did!

For the 1st step Wendy used Klairs BB cream.

You can use your hand or a puff to put it on.

Next is Klairs concealer! Put it on your dark circles, blemishes, and any parts that you have pigmentation.

And after the eye and lip makeup she is done. Wendy accented her eyes by drawing thick eyeliner for her mono-lip eyes. I love how she used a mat red lip pencil to finish off her makeup!

  1. Punk Chic


3 different makeup looks with a BB cream

Next, we have our Kasper! Kasper is on Unpretty RapStar Season2 and she has that cute punk look!

Kasper’s flawless skin is thanks to Klairs BB cream! It matches her tone so well and helps her makeup to look natural.

Use a puff to put the bb cream on your face.

Next, is Klairs concealer to cover any acne scars and blemishes. Kasper has really white skin so her dark circle are extra noticeable but she covered it well with the concealer!

Cover all the other parts that other you! And then, dab lightly for it to set.

Use a puff to make sure the coverage looks natural.

Kasper’s key point to her eye makeup was to only draw the end tail for her eyes so that it can look extra punk. This punk makeup definitely showed Kasper’s fun and playful punk style!

  1. Club Chic


3 different makeup looks with a BB cream

The last makeup look is club chic! It’s a must-have look for these days with all these end of the year parties and gatherings coming up!

I used my favorite Klairs BB cream of course!

For the other 2 looks, Wendy and Kasper used a puff. But for me, I just used my hands to make sure that it soaked into my skin really well.

My skin gets that instant glow from just putting on the bb cream! I do like the dewy makeup look for my skin!

Next up is Klairs concealer!

I’m going to put it on and dab lightly to cover my acne stars, dark circles, and pigmentations.

And wala! I finished off my club makeup with semi-smoky eye makeup and a nude tone peachy lipstick! If you want to check out more details on our makeup tutorial, you better watch the video! Thank you my loves!


3 different makeup looks with a BB cream



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