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Hi, As we know, Almost women always give a lot of importance to their appearance, it is very natural for ladies to stay tuned up with some of the latest beauty trends for the year 2014. So as they say “a look speaks of a thousand words”, would you not like that very look? So darlings, here’s presenting you the hottest beauty trends for 2014. Have a Blast, Girls. <3

Presenting 2014 Beauty Trends

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1. Go Orange

As spring is just to approach fashion designers at the New York fashion show and at Milan have both resorted to orange as a theme for nail polish and lip color. This could be just your first bold step of the year in terms of your make up.

2. Flat Straight hair

This is the theme that has been seen since the beginning of this season, so girls grab your hair iron and get the flowing flat hair you have always wanted.

3. Hair Color

This year saw the most preferred hair style being a mix of bleached tips and dark roots, try is out and make you a part of the changing trend.

4. Injectable Vitamins

This could be the best answer to anti-ageing & flawless skin effects, injecting your skin with a new therapy of multi-vitamins could highlight your beauty effectively.

5. Orchid Lip shade

The approaching time of the year requires you to stay light in order to brighten your natural appearance. Try a light shade of lipstick; orchid color could be your theme this year. Girls try using lip liner and the lip color to display crack free lips. It makes you look all the more gullible.

6. Eyeliner Shade

Ever thought of your eyes displaying a sense of royalty, try royal blue and get the sense of royalty with every blink. Another tip could be to resort to a deep grayish brown eye shade only to blend it effectively with the skin color. Smokey eyes any of the three; blue, black and brown could carry you with grace. Although try blue it adds delicacy.

7. Curl Iron

This is for girls who are tired of long straight hair, try a curl iron to make you look no less them an enchantress. Natural wavy hair always looks to be elegant.

8. Skin Care

You skin defines your beauty, it is advisable to always look after your skin; apart from your regular skin care like cleaning, toning and moisturizing you should dedicate time and effort to exfoliate your skin. This removes dead and dry skin and exposes fresh skin underneath to make you look younger.

9. Eye Makeup

Focus on your eyelashes! Regardless of when you wear makeup or not, The curled eyelashes like a Barbie would make you a charming girl. For more effective curls, use an eyelash curling iron and consider applying primer before eye shadow to let the shade last longer.

10. Healthy Diet

Try eating healthy, a mix of everything nutritious and a lot of juice; nowadays the packs of juices come loaded with all necessary vitamins and minerals which are essentially required for your beauty enhancement needs.

11. Go Vegan

Many Hollywood celebrities like Julia Roberts, Beyonce, Gwyneth Pal throw, Jay Z to mention a few have gone vegan. “Remember what you eat is what you get”.

12. Rose Perfume

The scent of rose is back with many top line brands shifting to a rose scent as their scent for 2014. So girls seem all is just getting rosier.

13. Fitness with a dance

Physical fitness is a must and a workout in any method is important, but how about dancing. Not only do you conduct your share of your workout it also helps relax your mind. How about a meditation and yoga simultaneously, it can help can help relax and rejuvenate you. A careful yoga work out could involve you, moving every limb of your body in addition to every muscle.

So darlings, what are you waiting for 2014 has arrived and you have some of the coolest tips mentioned above. Go do it all to find yourself looking more chick and voluptuous. ;)

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