10 Upcoming Korean Dramas

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The fact that June is almost coming to an end only reminds me that another month of summer has gone by. Although going to the beach sounds ideal to some, it is also true that one wants to roll around in their air-conditioned room watching television, especially Korean dramas. Therefore, I have created a list of 10 upcoming Korean dramas; some enjoy waiting for a series to end in order to watch it as a marathon, but I personally enjoy anticipating a week to see the next episode!

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1. Oh My Ghost (오 나의 귀신님)

premiere date: July 3rd
air time: Friday & Saturday
cast: Jo Jung Suk, Park Bo Young, Im Joo Hwan, Kim Seul Gi

summary: In this romcom, Jo Jung-suk plays a haughty chef, named, Kang Sun Woo, who hasn’t moved on from his ex-girlfriend. Watching him with loving eyes is Na Bong Sun, played by Park Bo Young, who is best known for her wonderful acting in “A Werewolf Boy”. To make the plot more interesting, Bong  Sun has the ability to see ghosts and her latest interaction has been with Shin Soon Ae, played by the versatile-actress, Kim Seul Gi. Being a lustful virgin ghost, Shin Soon Ae decides to enter Bong Sun’s soul in order to seduce as many men as she can in order to make up for the lack of romance she had in her actual life. Fortunately, Sun Woo, who doesn’t believe in ghosts, takes interest in Bong Sun who once seemed shy becomes confident, thanks to Soon Ae.

2. Late Night Restaurant (심야식당)

premiere date: July 4th
air time: Saturday
cast: Kim Seung Woo, Choi Jae Sung, Nam Tae Hyun

summary: Opening at midnight and closing at 7 a.m., this late night restaurant is not that of a normal one. To make it even more strange, the Master played by Kim Seung Woo does not offer a set menu for his customers. Instead, he is able to create any meal requested by his various diners. This drama will not only give one the chance to jot down recipes but also the chance to relate with the life advices the Master gives to his diners.

3. I Order For You (당신을 주문합니다)

premiere date: July 6th
air date: Sunday ~ Wednesday
cast: U-Know Yunho (윤노윤호), Kim Ga Eun (김가은)

summary: Based on a web novel, this drama also features a sassy chef, Yeo Gook Dae, played by U-Know Yunho, Due to a divorce, he is heartbroken, however, Park Song Ah, played by Kim Ga Eun, slowly comes to mend his heart. After quitting her job, 28 year old Song Ah finds herself doing nothing at home. This all changes when she visits a lunch shop and meets three attractive men; her eyes rest on the talented Yeo Gook Dae. Always bickering, their relationship grows to a love-hate relationship, with the love part being more prominent. The plot line sounds like that of any other typical Korean drama, but no one can resist the chance to swoon over a handsome main actor!

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4. Scholar Who Walks the Night (밤을 걷는 선비)

premiere date: July 8th
air date: Wednesday & Thursday
cast: Lee Joon Ki (이준기), Lee Yoo Bi (이유비), Shim Chang Min (심창민), Kim So Eun (김소은), Lee Soo Hyuk (이수혁)

summary: Another web-toon based drama, Scholar Who Walks the Night, covers multiple genres including history (Joseon Dynasty), fantasy and romance. Lee Yoo Bi plays Jo Yang Sun cross-dresses in order to work as a male bookseller after her noble father is framed as a traitor. And of course, in Korean dramas, cross-dressing characters meet their significant other, who in this case, would be Lee Joon Ki. He plays a mysterious and attractive (may I add) scholar as well as a vampire. His first love, played by Kim So Eun, haunts him as she re-enters his life as a present-day doppelgänger. Aside from the romantic plot line, we have another vampire, Gwi played by model, Lee Soo Hyuk, using his powers and political machinations to stop Crown Prince Lee Yun, played by Shim Chang Min) from becoming next to sit on the throne.

5. Assembly (어셈블리)

premiere date: July 15th
air date: Wednesday & Thursday
cast: Jung Jae Young (정재영), Song Yoon Ah (송윤아), Kim Seo Hyung (김서형),  Jang Hyun Sung (장현성)

summary: Not a romcom person? If so, Assembly is for you because it is under the historical and political genre of Korean dramas. It is about Jin Sang Pil’s, played by Jung Jae Young, journey to becoming a honorable national assembly member. He is elected as member of the national assembly member after working as a welder. Song Yoon Ah is casted as his aid, Choi In Kyung, and helps to guide him the right way to become the perfect assembly member.

6. Last (라스트)

premiere date: July 24th
air time: Friday & Saturday
cast: Yoon Kye Sang (윤계상), Lee Bum Soo (이범수), Seo Ye Ji (서예지), Park Ye Jin (박예진)

summary: Up for the thriller drama? I love reading and watching crime shows but cannot seem to ever watch a  Korean drama based on solely action / crime for all the violence and blood scares me away. However, if you are interested, read ahead. The story is about Jang Tae Ho played by Yoon Kye Sang. He becomes homeless after failing at a stock operation; he finds himself at the bottom of a secretive ranked organization of Seoul’s homeless. In order to get to the top, he fights the antagonist who has the job of exploiting these homeless people.

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7. Yong-Pal (용팔이)

release month: August
air time: Wednesday & Thursday
cast: Joo Won (주원), Kim Tae Hee (김태희)

summary: Following the successful role he played in Good Doctor, Joo Won comes back once again as an intelligent surgeon, Kim Tae Hyun. He uses his up to par surgical skills for emergency situations. However, his personal situation is not that of a good one for he is in great debt for his younger sister’s kidney dialysis treatments. Since he is in need of money, he chooses to make house calls with the wealthy. In exchange with the high fees, he is not to say anything about what he sees; Tae Hyun must stay quiet in all that he witnesses from his shady clientele. Now cue in Kim Tae Hee who has been casted as Yeo Jin. As of now, her role in this drama is to be hiding away, slowly recovering from her big accident. And to add, she is a chaebol heiress whose family coincidentally owns the hospital where Tae Hyun resides in. Does anyone smell a forbidden romance?

8. D-day (디 데이)

release month: September
air time: Friday & Saturday
cast: Kim Young Kwang (김영광), Jung So Min (정소민), Ha Seok Jin (하석진), Kim Jung Hwa (김정화)

summary: In this drama, Kim Young Kwang and Jung So Min meets again! The drama is about doctors struggling to save the people of Seoul, who have been paralyzed due to a natural disaster. It is possible that D-day could be a Korean drama version of one Korean movies of natural disasters, which leave their viewers anxious while screaming at the main characters to stop wasting their time saying goodbyes when they have the obvious chance to runaway.

9. Six Flying Dragons (육룡이 나르샤)

release month: October
air time: Monday & Tuesday
cast: Yoo Ah In (유아인), Kim Myung Min (김명민), Shin Se Kyung (신세경)

summary: Another drama set in the Joseon Dynasty time, Yoo Ah In plays Lee Bang Won, who was the third king in this period of time. The story follows his story of helping his father establish the Joseon Dynasty as well as having the ambition stories of 5 other people in the background. Even though not a lot has been revealed about the drama, people are still waiting patiently to see what these three main actors will bring to the scene.

10. Reply 1988 (응답하라 1988)

release month: October
air time: to be determined!
cast: Hyeri (혜리), Ryoo Hye Young (류혜영), Go Kyung Pyo (고경표), Park Bo Gum (박보검)

summary: The third of its series, the director mentioned that this story will focus more on family and neighbors. However, one can always hope for the love triangles common in the Reply series!

This ends the list of 10 upcoming Korean dramas. If you haven’t noticed, there are at least three dramas featuring male chefs. It appears to me that with addition to the variety shows, male chefs could become 2015’s hot topic. Comment below which of these ten Korean dramas you anticipate the most!

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