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5 Skincare Secret’s for Summer (Hot Weather)

5 Skincare Secret's for Summer (Hot Weather)

As a Wish Trender, we all should know that we should change our skin care routine each season, right? In Korea, summer is the beginning of hot weather and extreme humidity. Because of the hot weather, our sweat and oil can make our skin look greasy and shiny, so people often abbreviate their skin care… 

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 O.M.G Beautiful youtube creator, Karen O(@iamkareno) featured Klairs BB Cream in her 'Summer glossy makeup' video!❣Watch her video and find Klairs.✨See how well the bb cream was blended naturally on her skin when she applied the bb cream with her finger tips.  Only 15 seconds needed for deep cleansing?  IT'S POSSIBLE! This sticky foaming cleanser will remove impurities immediately while leaving the skin feeling clean and supple with its all natural ingredients.
 WISH QUIZ: Another week passed by so swiftly, and here we are again with the weekly WISH QUIZ on KLAIRS Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser. :) One of the answers is incorrect, do you know which one it is? A) It's free from chemical detergent: SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) B) It contains hyaluronic acid C) It's a hypoallergenic face wash D) It has a sticky texture E) It is a low irritant amino acid cleanser  Customer Review by (Kei i****): "No lies. this soap leaves your skin CLEAN without drying it, it helps with the bumps on your nose (if you have ofc) too. also, my skin feels so soft after using it. I totally recommend this product if you have oily/combo acne prone skin, it helped to reduce my sebum production as well!" Discover this Charcoal soap from KLAIRS at WISHTREND.COM
 [JUNGLE BOTANICS] "We are from the Jungle" To find the perfect skin balance through active ingredients found in nature, To provide affluent energy of nature, And to find the true natural beauty of our skin, That is why we found the solution in the jungle. Make your shower time enjoyable with the vitality from the green jungle with JUNGLE BOTANICS. Meet these items at WISHTREND.COM now.  Everyday touch ups on the brows are now a thing in the past!  Apply this on your eyebrows, leave it at least for 2 hours, peel it off and voila, you'll have that semi-permanent tattoo effect on your eyebrows for at least 3~7 days.
 Michelle Phan relies on this product to take care of the blackheads and her pores! How about you? This set from Skinmiso comes in 4 weeks or 10 weeks program to remove those pesky blackheads effectively. Tap the link in our bio to learn more!  Restore the natural pH balance of the skin, cleanse and wipe the dirt and rest of the makeup residues with [SKINMISO] I'm A. Helper - Toner!  The main ingredient Kalopanax septemlobus is known to treat skin troubles and prevents acne at root.  Take care of your skin today at WISHTREND.COM
 #Repost @leialily with @repostapp ・・・ Currently testing the #Klairs Creamy & Natural Fit Concealer! First impressions: Lightweight coverage and formula that tends to feel "drier" than most liquid concealers I've used, if that makes sense. Staying power is comparable to Maybelline's popular Fit Me liquid concealer, so far. Slight creasing, but I only notice when I stare at myself intently in the mirror. I'm also surprised that the generic shade matches me quite alright. It travels pretty well, too! Have you used this before?  (emojis totally unrelated) #DearKlairs from @wishtrend~ #wishtrend #katespade #kahtspahd #danielwellington #chrysanthemum #rAsianBeauty #abcommunity #bblogger #bbloggers #abbloggers #skincareblogger #blogger #beautyblogger #instablogger #skincare #asianskincare #kbeauty #korean #koreanskincare #koreanbeauty  The 2nd new item from the Klairs Blue correction is coming soon. Can you guys guess what this item is? #Hint: Everyday essential.